• Website Design & Development Agency serving Edwardsville, IL

    As a business owner, how do you go about attracting online customers to call or visit you? Do you have a website? Is it a functional, accessible and easy-to-use place that people can go to find information about your products or services? For internet marketing purposes, it’s helpful to have one central location to base all of your online marketing and advertising efforts. At Right Click Digital, we provide customizable websites for independent and small business owners in Edwardsville, IL and throughout the surrounding areas. Our team of knowledgeable marketing representatives understands how to build a website that highlights the best parts of your business!

    Customizable Websites

    It shouldn’t be difficult for people that need your services to find your business.  Your business should have a unique and thoughtfully designed website that provides helpful information and custom content such as videos, photos, graphics, coupons and more. Our unique building process utilizes all possible information about your business, resulting in a better website that’s online fast. Our website building process includes the following steps:

    • Meeting & Consultation – Our marketing reps meet with you to discuss your business and goals, and they collect any information that we need to get started.
    • Processing – Next, our creative team will receive your information and begin the process of designing your custom website.
    • Content Creation – After the information is processed, our content team creates a story for your business that will assist customers, attract new business and help you close the sale.
    • Website Builders – Finally, our website builders take all of your information and the content we’ve created to build your website.
  • Mobile-Responsive Websites

    Have you checked to see what your website looks like when accessed on a smartphone, tablet or another mobile device? Unfortunately, the change in screen size may be distorting text and images or be rendering other parts of your website inactive. We build mobile-responsive websites that deliver the same user experience across all major platforms including phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. 

  • Search Engine Optimization

    It’s not enough just to have a ‘nice’ looking website – your website has to perform to help you grow your business. With that in mind, we build websites using SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques. These methods utilize extensive keyword research and intelligent backend coding that sets your website up for search engine success. Here are a few of the SEO aspects that we focus on for all of our websites.

    • Keywords – We use keyword research from top SEO companies that help give your website the best chance at getting seen.
    • Title Tags – The title tag is what we see on the search engine results page (SERP).
    • Alt Tags – Alt Tags are what screen readers use to help people with disabilities to use the internet and computers.
    • Content – With better keywords and better content, you get better results and performance for your website!