• Website Design & Website Development in Shiloh IL

    Are you having problems growing your local business? Has the concept of digital marketing become overwhelming? Right Click Digital has the ideal digital marketing solutions to help grow your business in Shiloh, IL and it starts with our website design and development services. In today’s world, you need a central location for all pertinent information regarding your business and services. A website is the perfect central hub for that, and it is the start of building your online brand. A unique and attractive website can be the difference between gaining a new customer or losing them to your competition. At Right Click Digital, we have an experienced team that will create captivating content and build a custom website, designed to increase web traffic for your local business in Shiloh, IL.

    Custom Websites Designed for You

    The easier it is to find your business’ website, the better your chances of increasing your web traffic. For this to happen, you must make an immediate impression on potential customers within a short time frame. Research shows that you have about 10 seconds before a customer determines whether they will stay on your website – that is how long you have. Two critical factors in keeping people on your website – content & web design. Our team at Right Click Digital specializes in creating unique content, illustrating your greatest achievements and services you provide with modern, stylish web designs. Our process for building your local businesses’ custom websites include:

    • Meeting & Consultation – One of our experienced marketing reps will meet with you to discuss your business, goals, big ideas and collect any and all information necessary to begin your online branding.
    • Processing – After that, your information will be processed by our digital media team who then begin starts building your custom website.
    • Content Creation – Next, our creative department will craft interesting and readable copy that helps customers learn about your business and what you do.
    • Website Builders – Lastly, the creative content will be input into your website and it will begin to take shape. You’ll be notified of completion of the website and review it for approval or any edits you want.
  • Mobile Responsive Websites

    When it comes to your website, desktops aren’t the only things to be considering – when configuring the overall look and function. Mobile devices are more prominent in society than ever and a bulk of search engine users are using their mobile phones, tablets, etc. Desktops and mobile devices don’t have the same screen dimensions and because of this, images, fonts, photos and other content becomes distorted and thus, ruining the experience of mobile users. At Right Click Digital, we consider all of these factors, and build mobile-responsive websites that guarantee the same experience regardless of how consumers are viewing your website.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    While a stunning website is dependent on creative content and an appealing visual theme; the critical factor that determines your success is dependent on search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, SEO, is a critical element that regards how search engine algorithms rank your website in terms of relevance. The more relevant your website is – the better it ranks, and as a result, ends up on the front pages of Google, otherwise known as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). At Right Click Digital, our digital team increases your SEO rank with our proven methods, including utilizing:

    • Keywords – Making sure your site has the right keywords will help search engines match your site to users that need it.
    • Title Tags – The title tag is how your site is indexed on a SERP. This is what will attract users to your website.
    • Meta Descriptions – This short blurb is also found on the SERP and features keywords, vital information and more.
    • Alt Tags – Alt tags exist for screen readers, which help those with visual and audible disabilities to use the internet.
    • Content – Our philosophy is that better keywords make better content. The higher quality your content, the better it’s looked at by search engines.