• Web Design & Development in Alton IL

    How do your customers find you online? Does your website help or hurt your business? When it comes to online marketing, it’s vital to have a clean, attractive and well-functioning website to help convert local searchers to paying customers. At Right Click Digital, we assist local businesses by building mobile-responsive websites for customers in Alton, IL and throughout the surrounding communities of the River Bend area. Additionally, we use our wealth of marketing experience and a team of industry professionals to build a website that maximizes your assets and drives more online traffic. Call us for a free evaluation of your online presence!

  • Custom Websites Alton IL

    People shouldn’t have a hard time telling your website apart from the other ones. In fact, your website should be completely unique and include custom photos, videos, content and more. The more unique you are, the more you’ll stand out from your competition and the search engines that ultimately decide where your site will rank. When you work with Right Click Digital, you’ll have access to a proven process that’s built successful websites for customers all over the Midwest. Our process includes the following:

    • Meeting & Consultation – You’ll always meet, in person, with a marketing representative to discuss your online presence, business needs, preferences while we gather any clerical information that we’ll need to get started.
    • Processing – Your information is passed along to our digital media staff, and the wheels are set in motion for us to begin building your website.
    • Creative Content – Our creative team uses your information to craft readable, enticing copy that helps customers know what you’re all about and motivates them to call your number.
    • Website Builders – Once your copy is written, it’ll be passed along to our builders who will work with you and your marketing rep to create an attractive website.
  • Mobile-Responsive Websites

    How does your website look on a smartphone? Did you know that the percentage of smartphone users rises each year? With that in mind, Right Click Digital creates mobile-responsive websites that help you cash in on the growing number of people that search for local businesses on their smartphones.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    This is a collaborative effort by our entire staff to ensure we’re doing all that we can to make your website visible by top search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are various things that we do to ensure your website is in the best possible position. Additionally, we’re constantly learning and evolving to augment our SEO best practices to provide results for our customers. We use extensive keyword research to find terms that match with what potential customers are searching. Some of our SEO focuses include:

    • Keywords – Choosing the right keywords can help search engines match you with users that are looking for those specific things.
    • Title Tags – The title tag is how you’re found on search engines. It’s how Google or Bing indexes your site on the search engine results page (SERP)
    • Meta Descriptions – The meta description is a short blurb that tells searchers what your website is about and what they will find there.
    • Alt Tags – Alt tags are used by screen readers, which help the visually impaired use the internet by helping them to read the description of what is pictured.
    • Content – Content is king and better keywords make better content. We write a relevant, informative copy that informs and assists customers, as well as drives them to your front door.