• Number One Solution for Web Design & Development in Columbia IL

    With today’s digital age, having a business built upon a reputable foundation and unique service isn’t exactly a recipe for success, unless you can get the word out. Times have changes, and so has the way that businesses communicate to consumers. Everything is digital. If you are wondering why your local business hasn’t gone to the next level, it could be your online brand being neglected. So, now that you know what it takes for a successful business – all you need is professional help. Luckily for you, Right Click Digital has a team that is dedicated to making your business’s mark within your community. It all starts with a customized website that acts as a central location for your business’s information, content and communications. If you want to start building your online brand, a customized website is a great place to start. Want a free evaluation of your online presence? Get in touch with our staff today!

    Custom Websites Designed for You

    Having a website that is unique and appealing is always advantageous for any business. The purpose of a custom website is to provide a user-friendly experience to potential customers interested in your business or services. Utilizing unique content including photos, videos and text, the goal is to convert that interest into business. At Right Click Digital, we specialize in building custom websites that broadcast your greatest achievements and services provided. Our model has a recipe for success and the proof is in our clients. Right Click Digital’s website building process includes:

    • Meeting & Consultation – One of our experienced marketing reps will meet with you to discuss your business, goals, big ideas and collect any and all information necessary to begin your online branding.
    • Processing – After that, your information will be processed by our digital media team who then begin starts building your custom website.
    • Content Creation – Next, our creative department will craft interesting and readable copy that helps customers learn about your business and what you do.
    • Website Builders – Lastly, the creative content will be input into your website and it will begin to take shape. You’ll be notified of completion of the website and review it for approval or any edits you want.
  • Mobile Responsive Websites

    A common error for local businesses when building their website is the trend to neglect a large audience that searches for potential business websites looking for services. This audience utilizes mobile devices rather than desktop computers. If you have a website that is only geared for desktop audiences, you may have trouble increasing your web traffic. Especially because with different screen dimensions, a website that isn’t configured to be mobile responsive provides distorted images, texts, fonts, etc. which is a poor user-experience. However, with several years of experience in the digital marketing industry, we factor in mobile-responsive websites for all our clients. We guarantee to provide a similar for potential consumers whether they are browsing your website on a smart device or laptop.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    A successful website features two important things: appealing content and search engine optimization (SEO). One without the other results in a lackluster website. What is SEO? IN short, SEO is used by search engines to determine the relevancy of your website in relation to the search query. For example, if you are a photographer and a wedding party Googles ‘photography’ the hope is that you website shows up. A search engine results page (SERPs) is displayed in an order that is determined by relevancy and the best way to establish relevancy is boosting your SEO score. This is done through the utilization of:

    • Keywords – Making sure your site has the right keywords will help search engines match your site to users that need it.
    • Title Tags – The title tag is how your site is indexed on a SERP. This is what will attract users to your website.
    • Meta Descriptions – This short blurb is also found on the SERP and features keywords, vital information and more.
    • Alt Tags – Alt tags exist for screen readers, which help those with visual and audible disabilities to use the internet.
    • Content – Our philosophy is that better keywords make better content. The higher quality your content, the better it’s looked at by search engines.