• Text Message Marketing Helps Accomplish Goals in Shiloh IL

    A common mistake by local business owners is thinking that in order to have a healthy relationship with their consumers, it has to be on a personal level. Right Click Digital wants you to know that that isn’t necessarily true. In fact, a great way to maintain a relationship with a consumer is through text message marketing. We take advantage of the fact that virtually every consumer has a phone, and we utilize that to (y)our advantage, delivering a specific and unique message straight to a consumer’s phone, informing them of your latest promotions or services. It is more direct than email marketing, and almost guarantees that your audience will see it. If you need to get the word out about your business and any pertinent information – text message marketing is a great, personal way to achieve that.

    Why Text Message Marketing?

    There are several ways to communicate messages about your business to local consumers, via billboards, posters, ads, social media, etc. However, nothing is more personal than a text message. It is intimate. It is relatively quick. It’s affordable. AND it’s effective. Text message marketing is an effective approach to disperse quality information to your customers with the simple push of a button. The benefits of mass text message marketing include:

    • Allows you to reach customers directly on their smartphones, tablets, etc.
    • Customers have the option to receive messages and unsubscribe
    • Effective as a strategy for retaining new, local customers
    • Compact, personal messages drive local awareness and customer engagement
    • Your text list can keep growing with your business
    • With cost-effective campaign strategies, you’ll see better ROI
  • Who Receives Your Texts?

    Mass automated text message services can make local business owners, afraid to ‘annoy’ local consumers with an over abundance of them. However, at Right Click Digital, our process ensures this doesn’t happen. For starters, we help create unique and relative information that consumers want to know about. Second, like email blasts, consumers must opt-in to receive these text messages that inform that about promotions or services offered. This helps eliminate that annoyance factor that business owners are afraid of.

    Content of Text Messages

    With the exception of restrictions on the advertisement of alcohol, tobacco and a handful of other things; your text message content can have any necessary information you would like. Beware, uninformative and bland text messages can result in customers opting out of your text message list. Because of this, your information needs to be informative and appealing to local consumers. Right Click Digital will work collaboratively with you to ensure that your text message campaign is relevant and captivating, and as a result, effectively spreads the word.  

    Where to Start?

    Do you think your business is ready to take the next step in establishing healthy consumer relationships? It can be as simple as sending an automated text message. Need information about where to begin? Contact our team at Right Click Digital today for professional solutions that have proven to achieve results.