• Use Text Marketing to Accomplish Your Goals in Greenville, IL Markets

    In today’s world, just about every consumer has a mobile phone or access to one. As a result, similar to email, text message marketing has become an emerging form of communication amongst business entities and their consumers. It is personal. It is easy. It is cheap. If you want to deliver personal messages about your business to your loyal customers, contact Right Click Digital to help get you started. Text messages are the most direct form of communication business owners can have with their customers and is almost a guarantee that your message will be seen by your intended audience.

    Why Text Message Marketing

    Text message marketing is also a low-risk high-reward marketing solution, but unlike email, it avoids the extra work of opening your email and having to download any files and attachments included. Not to mention, not everyone looks at their email every day, but you can bet they freak out when they don’t have their phone. Texts are easy and convenient and giving your customers the ability to opt-in helps minimize the misidentification of being spam. Benefits of Right Click Digital’s text message marketing:

    • Allows you to reach customers directly on their smartphones, tablets, etc.
    • Customers have the option to receive messages and unsubscribe
    • Effective as a strategy for retaining new, local customers
    • Compact, personal messages drive local awareness and customer engagement
    • Your text list can keep growing with your business
    • With cost-effective campaign strategies, you’ll see better ROI
  • Who will I reach?

    A common fear of business owners is that text messages from a local business can be annoying or obtrusive, however, having every consumer opt-in helps eliminate that risk. Right Click Digital works to create unique and appealing content to help keep your text message list captivated and interested about your business. In addition, this helps create trusting relationships with your consumers – which help lead to repeating customers.

    What do I say?

    Text messaging services gives you the ability to say what you want to your customers. Creating personalized messages tailored for your market audience. Aside from advertising on alcohol or tobacco, your text messages can include hot deals, new store hours, seasonal products, new services, etc. The better the content – the better chance of it being received with enthusiasm.

    Start your text marketing program today

    Is it time for your business to start sending out mass automated text messages? Contact Right Click Digital for experts in the business who can help create the ideal text messaging program to help your business. We can help expand your text message list and get the word out about your business.