• Text Message Marketing in Fairview Heights IL

    A new method that Right Click Digital has begun to implement is the tactic of text message marketing. Almost every consumer has a smart phone today, and text messages are even more direct contact than an email, almost guaranteeing that your target audience will see your message. Like email marketing, text message marketing allows you to communicate uniquely crafted brand messages and mass send them to consumers who are interested.

    Why Use It?

    Out of the multiple ways to effectively communicate your business’ message, none are more personal than a text message. Quicker than opening an email or downloading a file, just a notification that pops up on your phone – and before you know it – your text message has been read, which is a success. It’s easy. It’s inexpensive. And it works. Some of the benefits of text message marketing include:

    • Reach your customer directly through their smartphone.
    • Never mistaken for spam, customers have to opt-in to this service.
    • Great way to retain customers.
    • Fast and efficient way of spreading short, exclusive content to your customers.
    • Your text message list is ever-expanding.
    • Great potential for ROI.
  • Who Receives Your Texts?

    Text message marketing gets a bad reputation with its comparison to spam, but the difference is that customers sign up to receive texts, whereas spam is involuntary. Also, if you opt-in to receive text messages, you can always opt-out. This guarantees that people who want to see your message – do. Text message marketing is a great way to build relationships and establish trust amongst your customers. Contact our team at Right Click Digital to get you started on the initial steps for your text message marketing campaign.

    What Do You Include?

    Like email and social media platforms, a huge benefit to utilizing text message marketing is the ability to control your message and determine the best way to convey it. Whether it’s in the form of exclusive deals an exchange for subscribing or a sale on last year’s inventory, you can broadcast your message to hundreds of potential consumers in a quick and efficient way.

    How Do You Get Started?

    Ready to begin the journey of sending out automated mass text messages? All it takes is a phone call to Right Click Digital. We help establish connection with the proper representative to begin you on your journey of direct communication in the most personal way possible. All it takes is a consultation meeting to understand business goals and ideas – then the text messages can commence.