• Use Text Marketing to Accomplish Your Goals in Edwardsville, IL Markets

    How do you reach your base of customers when you don’t know many of them on a personal level? You need these people to keep patronizing your business in order to sustain long-term success.  Additionally, speaking directly to your customers may seem like a strange thought, especially if you’re not in a service industry.  At Right Click Digital, we offer the mobile marketing tools needed to communicate with your customers. With text message marketing programs, local customers will opt-in to hear special messages that will be delivered to their personal inbox. Contact our staff today to speak about text marketing and other products that may help put your business over the top!

    Why Text Message Marketing

    You may be wondering about the usefulness and viability of text message marketing products. However, worry not – text messaging is likely the easiest way to communicate with people in existence today. Almost nothing proves more effective than short, personalized messages that arrive in the inbox of customers’ smartphones all over the area. Text messages are easy to read, convenient and non-threatening, which allows your message to go further and mean more. Additionally, by providing customers with the ability to opt-in and opt-out, you can always be sure that people on your list want to hear your messages. Here are the benefits of our text message marketing plans.

    • Allows you to reach customers directly on their smartphones, tablets, etc.
    • Customers have the option to receive messages and unsubscribe
    • Effective as a strategy for retaining new, local customers
    • Compact, personal messages drive local awareness and customer engagement
    • Your text list can keep growing with your business
    • With cost-effective campaign strategies, you’ll see better ROI
  • Who will I reach?

    There’s no limit to how large your text marketing group can grow. As your business experiences success, you’ll be able to keep growing amounts of customers engaged and aware about what’s going on with your business.  Also, customers have the option to receive messages and unsubscribe from messages to ensure you’re only talking to people that want to hear from you.

    What do I say?

    With text messaging programs, you can say almost anything to your customers. There are some restrictions on advertising for alcohol, tobacco and a few other things, but other than that, you can say anything you’d like. Trying to move extra inventory? Send a text! Offering a deal on special holiday promotions? Send a text!

    Start your text marketing program today

    There’s no time to wait – call the team at Right Click Digital to talk about text message marketing opportunities and how they can benefit your business. We’ll create a plan, start building your list and evaluating your performance!