• Text Message Marketing Helps Accomplish Goals in Decatur IL

    An issue that local business owners are finding themselves in is the way to establish customer engagement without knowing every customer on a personal level. Right Click Digital takes advantage of the technology of today’s world – smart phones. We help you reach your customers with a simple text – keeping you in contact with your customers regarding deals, promotional offers and discounts. Like email marketing, customers opt-in to receive unique and specific text messages for a more direct communication method. Ready to start reaching your customers in a more direct way? Contact our team today to speak about our text message marketing services we provide to help grow your brand!

    Why Text Message Marketing?

    There are several ways to communicate with customers and potential customers – social media, email, text, etc. and Right Click Digital utilizes everyway to communicate with customers to your advantage. Despite the numerous ways to deliver the message – nothing compares to the intimacy of sending and receiving a text message. It is short. It is effective. It is personalized. Text messages are a great way to disperse a message to any and all your customers (if they opt-in) with the push of a button. Text message marketing is great because only people who want to receive them – do. Other benefits include:

    • Allows you to reach customers directly on their smartphones, tablets, etc.
    • Customers have the option to receive messages and unsubscribe
    • Effective as a strategy for retaining new, local customers
    • Compact, personal messages drive local awareness and customer engagement
    • Your text list can keep growing with your business
    • With cost-effective campaign strategies, you’ll see better ROI
  • Who Receives Your Texts?

    While sending customers text messages can lead business owners to be wary, our process limits the potential annoyance that could happen. How? Because text messages are only sent out to customers who have subscribed to receive them. This helps get information to your customers who want it and eliminates the annoyance of texting customers who don’t want to receive them. In short, it is a way to promote your business to people generally interested.  The more successful your business, the longer your texting list can become. There is no limit!

    Content of Text Messages

    Aside from certain restrictions on the advertisement of alcohol, tobacco and a couple of other things, your text message content can contain anything you deem relevant to your business and that you think customers will want to know. Sending unattractive text message communications can lead to customers opting out of this service. That is why it is important to trust the professionals at Right Click Digital, the experts in text message marketing techniques. We help you craft messages with content containing relevant promotional deals, holiday specials and more! Need to get the word out? Send a text!

    Where to Start?

    Are you ready to dive into the successful and proven method of text message marketing? Contact your friends at Right Click Digital for solutions that will help grow your business’ identity within your local community of Decatur, IL. Our team will help establish a plan, build your text message list and evaluate the results.