• Text Message Marketing Helps Accomplish Goals in Columbia IL

    Text message marketing helps business owners establish healthy relationships with their local consumers without knowing them on a personal level. Hundreds of customers may enter your store or business every single day, we aren’t expecting you to know everyone by name. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a meaningful relationship with all your customers. Text marketing is a way to do that. Right Click Digital can help use 21st century technology to your business’s advantage and can help communicate with your customers regarding promotional deals, seasonal sales and other discounts or services. Ready to start reaching your customers in a more direct way? Contact our team today to speak about our text message marketing services we provide to help grow your brand!

    Why Text Message Marketing?

    Out of the numerous ways of communicating with your intended audience, why settle for text message marketing? That is quite simple. Although Right Click Digital utilizes various ways of helping businesses communicate with their intended audience, none is more intimate than a text message. It is short and inexpensive to product. It can reach hundreds of people at once. And it works. Like email marketing campaigns, customers must opt-in to receive these specialized automated texts. Aside from being relatively cheap to product, other benefits of text marketing include:

    • Allows you to reach customers directly on their smartphones, tablets, etc.
    • Customers have the option to receive messages and unsubscribe
    • Effective as a strategy for retaining new, local customers
    • Compact, personal messages drive local awareness and customer engagement
    • Your text list can keep growing with your business
    • With cost-effective campaign strategies, you’ll see better ROI
  • Who Receives Your Texts?

    If you are a business owner who is hesitant to take this path due to the thought of becoming annoying, we urge you to reconsider. The point of subscribing to receive these text messages is to ensure that customers who receive them are generally interested in your business. Text messages aren’t being dispersed to random local consumers. We build email lists for interested customers and they become the target audience for your text marketing campaigns.

    Content of Text Messages

    Other than the restrictions on alcohol and tobacco products, your text messages can contain just about any information you would like. Ideally, you want your content to generate excitement pertaining to your business and the goal is to convert that excitement into sales. A couple of bad text marketing campaigns can result in customers losing interest, that is why it is best to trust the professionals at Right Click Digital for your text marketing campaigns in Columbia, IL.

    Where to Start?

    If you are ready to begin the journey of text marketing, contact your trusted team at Right Click Digital. We can help get your business text message marketing campaigns off on the right foot that will help increase awareness amongst local consumers in Columbia, IL. We establish a plan, create your text message list and evaluate our results.