• Text Message Marketing in Benton IL

    An option that has been gaining popularity amongst business owners has been text marketing. Just about every consumer today has a smart phone; text messages are more direct and personal than emails. You can almost guarantee your target audience sees the message just moments after sending it out. All it takes is one look at your phone and you can see special deals, sales, upcoming promotions, etc. that a local business is having, procuring interest amongst consumers.

    Why Use It?

    There are several ways to communicate your message; none are more personal than a text message. It is quick and easy; you avoid having to download a file. It is simply a notification that pops up on your screen and before you know it- your message has been read and processed by an interested consumer. That is the beauty of text message marketing – it works. The benefits of text marketing include:

    • Reach your customer directly through their smartphone.
    • Never mistaken for spam, customers have to opt-in to this service.
    • Great way to retain customers.
    • Fast and efficient way of spreading short, exclusive content to your customers.
    • Your text message list is ever-expanding.
    • Great potential for ROI.
  • Who Receives Your Texts?

    Any customer that is interested in your business or services can subscribe to your text message blasts. This helps eliminate your text message campaigns being mislabeled as spam. You can opt-in and opt-out of the text message list. This is a great way for businesses to establish relationships with their customers and help build their brand. At a low-risk high-reward solution, it is easy to see why text marketing is rising in popularity.

    What Do You Include?

    A benefit to text marketing programs is that it allows for a business to control their message. Whether you want to promote exclusive deals, summer sales or new services – you have complete control about what you want consumers to hear about your business. That is as good as it gets. With the help of the experts at Right Click Digital, we can collaborate to create interesting content that helps generate interest and excitement amongst your customers. Let us help you broadcast a simple message to hundreds of interested consumers in an effective and low-cost way.

    How Do You Get Started?

    Is it time to start the adventure of automated mass text message campaigns? The best way to start is contacting the digital marketing experts at Right Click Digital. We collaborate with you to understand your business, goals and ideas and utilize our experience and skill to craft text message campaigns designed to succeed.