• Targeted Text Message Marketing Programs for Springfield & Fairview Heights IL

    Don’t you wish that marketing was as easy as picking up your smartphone and texting a friend? Well, now it is! With text message marketing programs from Right Click Digital, you can reach your customers directly, on their smartphones with messages that mobilize. Whether you’re offering up a special deal on final inventory or you’re informing customers of a change to your menu, it’s a great way to relay important information that may otherwise go unnoticed. Contact us today, and speak with a digital marketing representative about the benefits that a text message marketing program could add to your business!

  • Why Text Message Marketing?

    While email and search marketing are highly effective ways to attract new customers, they may not be the best options for keeping people informed about important developments at your business. With a text marketing program, participants opt-in to get your messages, meaning you can make them more personal and catered to people that actually patronize your business. The benefits of text marketing include:

  • • Reach customers directly on their smartphones.
    • Participants opt-in, meaning you won’t worry about spamming inboxes.
    • Highly effective for customer retention.
    • An easy way to send short, important, effective messages.
    • Ability to reach a large number of customers and continuing growing your text list.
    • Ability to share links could increase web traffic or social media engagement.
    • Helps keep your business in the minds of customers.
    • Text programs are cost effective.

  • Who will see my texts?

    You may be wondering, ‘but how do I know who to send messages to?’ That’s easy – text marketing programs include an opt-in system to accommodate legal restrictions. This means that they must agree to receive any messages from you and incur any charges from their mobile provider. This means that it’s completely voluntary – the people that want to see your texts will get to see them, meaning your chances of success are even greater.

    By the same token, text program guidelines require that participants have the option to be removed from the text list or to ‘unsubscribe.’ This ensures that unwanted messages aren’t being wasted on people that don’t want them.

  • How do I get started?

    You can get started by contacting Right Click Digital to speak with a rep about text programs and how they may benefit your business. We’ll help you get your text list started and develop and texting strategy that makes sense for you!