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Our mission has been to provide small businesses in the Taylorville, Illinois area with creative and cost-effective digital marketing strategies for over 20 years. At Right Click Digital, Inc. we offer a range of digital marketing strategies to help you grow your company’s brand while attracting a focused customer base in your region. Our team has decades of experience in the digital marketing industry and recognizes the problems that many small businesses face when first getting started online. We work with clients to customize a website design that in turn boosts their online presence while also using a range of social media marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO strategies, and search engine marketing techniques. Get started today by calling our office at (618) 607-0058.

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Custom Website Design
Taylorville, Illinois

It’s important to have a modern website design if you want to improve your company’s online presence. A website is the first experience a potential consumer has of your company when they are looking for a product or service. Don’t let a sloppy layout divert your customers’ attention away from what really matters: your company. In Taylorville, IL, Right Click Digital, Inc. creates custom websites and logo designs that completely reflect your business and brand. Our team understands which responsive website designs work best for local businesses and can guarantee to create a custom website that will help you succeed. To learn more about how we can build a high-quality website design that accurately reflects you and your company, contact our office today.

Mobile Responsive Website Design Taylorville, Illinois

When it comes to marketing your company in Taylorville, IL, having a mobile responsive website design for your business is a must-have. Since the majority of customers browse for goods and services on their mobile devices, only businesses with a mobile-friendly website will be found and easily navigated. With the wide range of devices available, including tablets, laptops, desktops, and mobile phones, it’s critical to have a website that can be viewed on any device, regardless of size! Our team of web designers will create an appealing, easy-to-use mobile responsive website that not only reflects your business but is liked by your customers. Contact Right Click Digital, Inc. today and let us build a user-friendly website that works on both mobile and desktop devices.

mobile responsive website design taylorville il
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Search Engine Optimization Taylorville, Illinois

With over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, we understand how important it is to stay current with ever-changing marketing tactics. Search engine optimization is one of the most important digital marketing techniques still being used today that play a major role in which websites rank first on prominent search engines like Google. As a result, Right Click Digital, Inc. concentrates on search engine optimization marketing, also known as SEO, in every website we create. SEO marketing increases the frequency of a company’s website traffic through the use of keywords included on several pages within a custom website. We make your website easily available for computers and potential consumers to find and connect with your brand by employing an SEO strategy in the way we market local businesses in Taylorville, IL.

Social Media Marketing
Taylorville, Illinois

Small businesses and corporate brands alike use social media to reach out to consumers and advertise their goods and services. At Right Click Digital, Inc. we recognize the advantages of providing social media marketing services to local businesses in the Taylorville, IL area. Whether you’re looking for personalized social media marketing services to help you communicate with your customers on a more personal level or raise awareness of your newly opened business, Right Click Digital, Inc. is here to help you every step of the way. Our team has years of experience producing high-quality social media content that has proved to be helpful to local businesses. If you need assistance setting up and maintaining Facebook or Instagram accounts, or creating advertisements to promote a big weekend sale, we’re here to help.

social media marketing taylorville il

Website Live Chat Taylorville, Illinois

Potential customers browse for businesses online at all hours of the day and night. Unfortunately, many companies do not operate 24 hours a day, making it impossible for business owners to be available to consumers who may have concerns about their goods or services. Fortunately, website live chat technology has enabled businesses to assist their customers even when they are not present. Our team at Right Click Digital, Inc. specializes in providing website live chat services for your website to help you boost your user base and sales. To learn more about live chat services for your custom website in Taylorville, IL, give us a call.

Search Engine Marketing
Taylorville, Illinois

A majority of individuals online find local businesses by using a search engine like Google or Bing. Your website must be one of the first ones people see if they are to choose you over a competitor or large name brand company. With informative advertisements and dependable advertisement campaigns, Right Click Digital, Inc. can help your Taylorville, IL company appear on the first page of major search engines with our quality search engine marketing services. Our search engine marketing team understands the most effective tactics for getting your website noticed and will devote the time and resources necessary to make it happen! Contact us at (618) 607-0058 to learn more.

Display & Mobile Marketing Taylorville, Illinois

We specialize in display and mobile marketing services to help local businesses reach mobile customers in their local areas. At Right Click Digital, Inc. in Taylorville, IL, our team captures the attention of targeted smartphone users through a variety of text, video, and image marketing campaigns. With over 20 years of experience in the display and mobile marketing industry,  our marketing specialists have the experience to market your business via a mobile medium, whether you’re looking to encourage seasonal discounts or simply want to expand your customer base. Don’t be hesitant to contact a member of our team today!

Reputation Management
Taylorville, Illinois

Your company’s image is crucial to its long-term sustainability. One negative review will persuade someone to choose you over one of your competitors, that is why, at Right Click Digital, Inc., we offer dependable reputation management services in the Taylorville, IL region to ensure your company always looks its best online. As part of our reputation management services, our digital marketing team displays only the best online reviews to accurately reflect what your company has to offer. To learn more about our reputation management program, contact us today at (618) 607-0058.

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City Facts for Taylorville, Illinois

Taylorville, Illinois was founded in 1839 and was named after John Taylor, one of the commissioners who located the land. Taylorville has a population of over 11,200 residents, making it the largest city in Christian County and currently serves as the county seat for the smaller surrounding towns. The first erected building in Taylorville was 12 x 12 feet and served as H.M. Vandeveer’s (the constructor of the building) residence, a clerk’s office, courtroom, and more until a new courthouse was able to be built in 1840. This small city has a variety of lakes, parks, and historical museums available to residents in the surrounding areas.

City of Taylorville Taylorville City Hall

Taylorville Chamber of Commerce

Christian County Government