• Increase Website Traffic with Search Engine Optimization in Fairview Heights IL

    Once our experts at Right Click Digital design and build your website, it gets proofed, then finally goes live – the anxiety settles in. Did your most recent customer come into your business because of your website? As much as we would love to take credit, these things can take time. You don’t go from the third page to the first overnight, no matter the content. Search engines have algorithms that accurately identify a websites relevancy as it relates to the search terms. However, what we can guarantee is that we have the expert techniques to help establish relevancy and boost your SEO rankings – and in time, secure that first page landing spot.

    Search Engine Optimization

    ‘Search engine optimization’ is a term used within the digital marketing industry regarding your business’ online presence. For example, if a potential customer searches for ‘plumbers’ and you are a plumbing business – does your website or information show up on Google? Search engine optimization is the practice in ensuring your business does get seen via search engine users, which results in more web traffic and hopefully, more business!

    How SEO Works

    Right Click Digital’s goal when it comes to SEO is to establish relevancy within the search engine algorithm. The more relevant your website and content is; the better chance you have of ranking. A search engine’s algorithm scores pages and lists them in order of relevancy and how it relates to a user’s search query. We utilize keywords relevant to search users in your area, unique content and backend coding to ensure your website is as relevant as possible.

    The SEO Focus

    Your customized website isn’t just about great content. The most stunning and visually appealing website can still rank on the 5th page of Google, never to be seen from again. Visual appeal doesn’t guarantee front page results on Google, but it does help. SEO isn’t just utilizing keywords or incorporating unique content – it is an assortment of things working together, designed to increase website traffic. Below are some of the main focal points when dealing with SEO:

    • Keywords – Using trusted SEO company practices and tools, we design your website with researched keywords that are the most relevant to your business.
    • Title Tags – This is what is displayed on search engine results pages (SERP) and how search engine indexes your site.
    • Meta Description – Short blurb that shows up on the SERP and gives the search engine user a brief summary of what the page is about. 
    • Alt Tags – Utilized by screen readers, that aide those with visual and audio disabilities to help navigate through the web and find your website.
    • Content – Content. Content. Content. Using keywords, title tags, accurate meta descriptions all play into developing unique and relevant content, to help increase your search rankings.