• Increase Website Traffic with Search Engine Optimization in Benton IL

    If you are a plumbing company and someone in Benton, IL Google’s “plumber”, does your website show up? On what page? How many of your competitors are being shown before you? A customized website from Right Click Digital is rooted in search engine optimization success, helping take your third page ranking website to the first. It takes time but is possible. This is because search engines use algorithms to help rank your website’s relevancy in relation to the search query. With our digital marketing specialists, we help establish relevancy and boost your SEO rankings – Google page 1, here we come!

    Search Engine Optimization

    In the digital marketing world, search engine optimization is regarding your online presence. Using the plumbing example again; if somebody searches the internet looking for a local plumber – having a great SEO score helps that customer find you. In short, SEO is the practice that helps business rank well within search engine algorithms and as a result, your website sees more traffic (and hopefully) business expands.

    How SEO Works

    Our mission when it comes to SEO is helping your website establish relevancy. The more unique your website content is, the more utilization of key words, alt tags, etc. the better chance you have of increasing your SEO ranking. We build your website using several keywords that consumers search for, pair that with unique content and backend coding and you achieve a successful SEO-based website.

    The SEO Focus

    Building and designing a successful website isn’t just about appealing content. Even the most appealing website can land on the 10th page of Google, never to see the light of day. While aesthetics doesn’t guarantee front page results; it does help keep website traffic. SEO helps get website traffic. It works in multiple ways, cohesively, helping local consumers find your business thanks to:

    • Keywords – Using trusted SEO company practices and tools, we design your website with researched keywords that are the most relevant to your business.
    • Title Tags – This is what is displayed on search engine results pages (SERP) and how search engine indexes your site.
    • Meta Description – Short blurb that shows up on the SERP and gives the search engine user a brief summary of what the page is about.
    • Alt Tags – Utilized by screen readers, that aide those with visual and audio disabilities to help navigate through the web and find your website.
    • Content – Content. Content. Content. Using keywords, title tags, accurate meta descriptions all play into developing unique and relevant content, to help increase your search rankings.