• Increase Your Web Traffic with Search Engine Optimization in Shiloh IL

    While the best way to increase your website traffic is through proper search engine optimization techniques, organic results take time. Search engine optimization is determined via algorithms that search engines utilize. Your website’s SEO score is determined by the relevancy of what the user is typing into the search engine. Our process ensures that we utilize a handful of top keywords that are relevant to your business and will help boost your SEO score. Do you need professional solutions to help grow your online brand? It starts with a phone call to your local experts at Right Click Digital, from there, we can help increase your SEO and in time, land you on that first page of Google!

    Search Engine Optimization Explained

    Search engine optimization can be a complex term, but what is important is that it encompasses a variety of things. The best way to explain SEO is that it is the key contributor to boosting your online presence and increasing your web traffic. When potential consumers use Google or Bing in search of a product or service, Right Click Digital’s SEO techniques increase your odds of them finding you. In other words, proper SEO techniques can be the difference between showing up on the first page of Google and the 15th.

    The Way SEO Works

    Search engines utilize algorithms that help determine a website’s relevancy in accordance to a user’s search terms. What helps establish relevancy is quality content and keyword usage. Creating a website with content comprising of heavily searched keywords helps boost your relevancy and an intricate and well-though web design ensures that once the customer finds you, they stay. SEO helps them find you, content is what keeps them around. 

    Search Engine Optimization Focus

    A successful website doesn’t solely rely on the use of content and an aesthetically pleasing visual. Because the best content and captive website can still land you on Google’s 8th page. The goal of search engine optimization is to accumulate all the most relevant information pertaining to a user’s search inquiry. Using keywords, captivating content and intelligent backend coding, we can maximize your SEO and as a result, increase your web traffic and hopefully, sales. Right Click Digital focuses on these aspects relating to SEO: 

    • Keywords – With the right keywords, search engines will better understand what’s on your website and who will find it helpful.
    • Title Tags – The title tag helps people find you on the SERP – this is the text that will pop up when someone searches for keywords for which you rank.
    • Meta Descriptions – This is a short blurb that also appears on the SERP. We use this to fit in more keywords and vital information for you and the search engine.
    • Alt Tags – Alt tags are used by screen readers, which help the visually impaired to read a description of what is pictured.
    • Content – Better keywords leads to better content, which we use to help your site rank better, inform customers, and much more!