• Increase Website Traffic with Search Engine Optimization in O’Fallon IL

    Our staff will work collaboratively to build your website, using information you want and creating the rest, utilizing keywords and content to help establish relevancy within the subject of your business. Search engines utilize algorithms to help them establish each webpage’s relevancy in accordance to the user’s search query. However, this isn’t something that magically happens overnight. It takes time and consistency. At Right Click Digital, we have a proven method that helps boost your SEO rankings and gain relevancy, and with time, secure the first page on an SERP.

    Search Engine Optimization

    In the digital marketing world, SEO is used to establish your business online presence. For instance, if you own an auto hobby shop and a user searches for “car repairs” – will your information show up? If so, how many of your competitors get seen first? The goal of SEO is to get your business to show up on SERPs, which results to an increase in web traffic and hopefully – more business!

    How SEO Works

    The way that SEO works is simple – relevancy. Search engines use algorithms to determine what websites are have more relevant content in relation to a search query. Relevancy equals ranking. What helps establish relevancy is using common keywords that search users input when they are trying to find services in their areas. Creating content with those keywords helps your website’s relevancy when Google or Bing run their algorithm. Understanding the keywords that relate to your business is half the battle. Implementing said keywords into creative and appealing content is the other half. Nobody understands this better than Right Click Digital.

    The SEO Focus

    When Right Click Digital builds your website for your business in O’Fallon, IL – the sole focus isn’t on your website’s aesthetics. Although we do recognize the importance of visual appeal, what good is the most beautiful website if you show up on page 10? Web design is ideal, but that doesn’t increase your SEO ranking, which is the goal for expanding your online brand. Our SEO process is designed to increase your website traffic, our focus consists of:

    • Keywords – Using trusted SEO company practices and tools, we design your website with researched keywords that are the most relevant to your business.
    • Title Tags – This is what is displayed on search engine results pages (SERP) and how search engine indexes your site.
    • Meta Description – Short blurb that shows up on the SERP and gives the search engine user a brief summary of what the page is about.
    • Alt Tags – Utilized by screen readers, that aide those with visual and audio disabilities to help navigate through the web and find your website.
    • Content – Content. Content. Content. Using keywords, title tags, accurate meta descriptions all play into developing unique and relevant content, to help increase your search rankings.