• Maximize Web Performance with Search Engine Optimization in Greenville, IL

    How many times have you searched for something in Google and made it to the 8th page? How about the 5th? Most people aren’t going through that many pages; instead they rephrase their search or have found what they are looking for. That is why search engine optimization is the leading factor when it comes to increasing your website traffic. Because even with the most elegant and articulated website, if nobody sees it – it is a failure. Right Click Digital understands the importance of SEO and knows how to utilize it to best help your business and website.

    Overview: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search engine optimization is a technical term used within the digital marketing world. Google, Bing and other search engines have algorithms that rank your SEO based on relevancy to the search query. The goal of SEO optimization is to create content, using key words, meta descriptions, title tags, etc. that help establish relevancy within your business’ market. This process covers the most commonly searched keywords to sophisticated backend coding; working together to maximize your SEO rank and achieve a top spot on SERPs.

    How does SEO work?

    The way SEO works is based on the relevancy your website has in regard to a search query. For instance, if you are a plumbing company – you probably wouldn’t show up when users are looking for automotive services. However, if someone goes to Google looking how to repair a clogged toilet – the goal is to have your business’ website land on the first page. Resulting in maximum exposure and more business. The way to establish relevancy via the search engine algorithm is through the usage of keywords and great content. The team at Right Click Digital knows how to research common keywords related to various businesses and generating content from that. So, SEO helps local consumers find you – great content makes them stay.

    Our Search Engine Optimization Focus

    When Right Click Digital builds a completely customizable website for your local business in Greenville, IL – aesthetics and appeal aren’t the main focus (although they play a large role). While website design is important, and we strive our best to provide appealing themes and designs – the focus is on your SEO ranking and how to increase it. Increasing your SEO results in expanding your online brand. Every website we build includes factors that help your SEO including:

    • Keywords: With the right keywords, locations and phrases, we make your website more relevant to search engines.
    • Title Tags: The title tag appears on the search engine results page (SERP), and includes short keywords and other info.
    • Met Descriptions: Also appearing on the SERP, this short description talks about your business and attracts people to click.
    • Alt Tags: Screen readers help people with disabilities use the internet and computers. Alt tags are the words that those screen readers used when the mouse hovers over photos, videos, etc.
    • Content: We make it our goal to use the latest in keyword research to ensure your content is unique, accurate, and engaging!