• Maximize Web Performance with Search Engine Optimization in Edwardsville, IL

    Your website is built, and you’re just waiting for hordes of people to start clicking, calling and spending with you. However, sometimes, it takes a while for a website to start seeing the performance you desire. So, how do you know that your site is being seen by the right people or any people? Search engines can rank pages on various factors, and it’s up to our team to figure out the right formula that will take you to the top. Right Click Digital provides search engine optimization that gives our websites the stuff it takes to achieve search engine results. Call us to find out how!

    Overview: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    ‘Search engine optimization’ may seem like a highly technical, complicated term. However, it’s just a long way of saying that we’re going to do all the little things that are necessary to help your website achieve the very best search engine results rankings that we can. From the most commonly searched keywords to smart backend coding, there are a variety of things that we do to help your site rank better.

    How does SEO work?

    A web crawler is something that’s used by search engines to determine the relevancy of your page to a given user’s search terms. Search engine optimization works by including common keywords, phrases and helpful information that make your page the most relevant to those search terms. With a unique, customized website, you’ll look more relevant than cheaply reproduced websites that have less information and don’t pay attention to SEO ranking factors.

    Our Search Engine Optimization Focus

    Do you know how a website is built? There are plenty of ‘parts’ to your website that you’ll never see. From words and pictures to backend coding, it’s our job to find the ranking factors that work best for your website and your business. It’s our goal to ensure that you aren’t losing online business to competitors in your local area. The SEO factors that we focus on include the following:

    • Keywords: With the right keywords, locations and phrases, we make your website more relevant to search engines.
    • Title Tags: The title tag appears on the search engine results page (SERP), and includes short keywords and other info.
    • Met Descriptions: Also appearing on the SERP, this short description talks about your business and attracts people to click.
    • Alt Tags: Screen readers help people with disabilities use the internet and computers. Alt tags are the words that those screen readers used when the mouse hovers over photos, videos, etc.
    • Content: We make it our goal to use the latest in keyword research to ensure your content is unique, accurate, and engaging!