• Increase Your Web Traffic with Search Engine Optimization in Decatur IL

    After your website has been built and is live – the waiting game begins. While Right Click Digital specializes in utilizing proper SEO techniques, it does take time. Search engine algorithms determine your websites relevancy in accordance to what users are entering in the search engine. We use the SEO tools to determine what users are searching in relevance to your business and go from there and pride ourselves on our success rate. If you are looking for the solutions to building your online brand – it starts with Right Click Digital and their understanding of search engine optimization.

    Search Engine Optimization Explained

    Search engine optimization can be a complex term to understand, but that is because it encompasses several things. The simplest way to explain search engine optimization is that it pertains to maximizing your online presence. When users are searching in Google or Bing about questions or services relating to your business – SEO techniques help make your page land on the first page of search results.

    The Way SEO Works

    Search engines use algorithms to determine the relevancy of your business’ website in relation to the user’s search terms, web pages content quality and keyword usage. Using highly searched keywords with original content given in an interesting format gives your website the best chance at boosting its SEO score.

    Search Engine Optimization Focus

    Building a custom website isn’t solely about the user experience (although that is extremely important). It is a comprehensive package, including content, keyword usage, backend coding and more – that play the role in maximizing your SEO results and in return, leads to more customers. Below is the focus of our SEO practices at Right Click Digital.

    • Keywords – With the right keywords, search engines will better understand what’s on your website and who will find it helpful.
    • Title Tags – The title tag helps people find you on the SERP – this is the text that will pop up when someone searches for keywords for which you rank.
    • Meta Descriptions – This is a short blurb that also appears on the SERP. We use this to fit in more keywords and vital information for you and the search engine.
    • Alt Tags – Alt tags are used by screen readers, which help the visually impaired to read a description of what is pictured.
    • Content – Better keywords leads to better content, which we use to help your site rank better, inform customers, and much more!