• Increase Your Web Traffic with Search Engine Optimization in Columbia IL

    If you do have a website currently, but aren’t seeing that web traffic, it could be due to not implementing proper search engine optimization techniques. Whether you have a current website or need a brand-new one built, the key behind any successful website is content and SEO. The way it works? Search Engines like Google or Bing run algorithms that survey your website and determine a ranking based off relevancy. The more relevant your website is, the better the odds of showing up on the first page. The key is showing up on the first page. After all, how many times have you made it to Googles 10th page? Right Click Digital has been specializing in online marketing and staying up to date on the latest search engine optimization trends.

    Search Engine Optimization Explained

    Search engine optimization can be a difficult concept for people outside of the digital marketing realm, mainly because it is a collection of things working together. The best way to explain SEO is that it is the main force in ‘creating’ your online presence. When a local consumer takes to the internet with a question or need for a service you offer – SEO helps them find you with ease.

    The Way SEO Works

    Search engines run algorithms that factor a websites relevancy related to a user’s search query. If you are a plumbing company but someone searches for computers, odds are that you won’t show up. But if they search for solutions to a leaking toilet? The goal is for your website to land on the first couple pages of SERPs. This helps spread awareness of your business and (hopefully) convert that awareness to profits. The best way to maximize your SEO is utilizing highly searched keywords, a website containing unique and appealing content and backend coding. Right Click Digital specializes in researching the proper keywords pertaining to your audience, generating exciting content and the knowledge of backend coding to help your SEO.

    Search Engine Optimization Focus

    Creating a customized website factors in the user experience, but it also consists of content, backend coding, keyword usage, local content and geo-targeted landing pages. All these help increase your SEO and in return help generate local awareness. At Right Click Digital, our SEO practices focus on:

    • Keywords – With the right keywords, search engines will better understand what’s on your website and who will find it helpful.
    • Title Tags – The title tag helps people find you on the SERP – this is the text that will pop up when someone searches for keywords for which you rank.
    • Meta Descriptions – This is a short blurb that also appears on the SERP. We use this to fit in more keywords and vital information for you and the search engine.
    • Alt Tags – Alt tags are used by screen readers, which help the visually impaired to read a description of what is pictured.
    • Content – Better keywords leads to better content, which we use to help your site rank better, inform customers, and much more!