• Search Engine Marketing in O’Fallon IL

  • A website designed utilizing our SEO techniques is set-up for success and to increase your web traffic, organically. However, brand-new sites can take time to build an organic following. Sometimes, the waiting game isn’t for everybody, which leads to paid advertising methods, like pay per-click advertising and has been proven to increase interest and brand awareness for your business and website. At Right Click Digital, we work collectively with you and create unique and appealing landing page and pair it with a PPC ad campaign to help boost your web traffic.

  • What is PPC Advertising?

    PPC advertising is the method that advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their ads. Search engine algorithms rank websites based on keywords and relevancy as it pertains to your local area. Advertising spaces are given to those who pay and your SEO score relating to the search query.

  • In the internet era, when most people have a problem they go to Google or another search engine for solutions. Understanding this already gives you a head start over the competition. Search engines use algorithms to rank (sort) websites on SERP’s based on their SEO scores. The more relevant the content – the better chance your website has of being seen!

    The goal of PPC advertising is to convert clicks into profits through the creation of quality and appealing content and effective landing pages. Our understanding of keywords and utilizing geo-tags, helps us avoid overpaying in order to stay within your budget and maximize your ROI. Want to learn more about PPC? Contact one of our representatives today with any questions!

  • Why PPC Advertising?

    Pay per-click advertising is advantageous to small business owners to help them stand out from the pack. The idea of bidding on clicks can be frightening for business owners, but it is a proven technique and stands by the statement ‘you have to spend money to make money’. Our PPC advertising can help your business by:

    • Ad Auction (bidding system) lets you regulate how much you spend
    • High relevancy score gives you a jumpstart on the competition
    • Targeted campaigns give you freedom to spend money where you need to
    • Utilize the latest SEO tools to identify the more relevant keywords
    • We don’t overbid
    • Competitive bids and effective keyword strategy help keep costs low
    • Quality content transforms clicks you pay for into calls for your business