• A Paid Search Platform: Search Engine Marketing in Columbia IL

  • Although a customized website built by Right Click Digital, which utilizes keywords, interesting content, and other SEO practices – organic traffic takes time. Going from page 7 to 2 doesn’t happen overnight. If you don’t want to play the waiting game, consider the benefits of paid search which helps jumpstart your web traffic. With the help of our experienced team at Right Click Digital, we can implement paid search techniques that are designed to increase your organic traffic much faster than a customized website. Pay-per-click advertising is a more costly option than others but has proven results.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    Pay-per-click advertising is a form of marketing that involves bidding on clicks, and it exists in varying forms across many platforms. The most common of the PPC platforms is Google AdWords, which allows advertisers to bid on keywords that internet users type into search engines. With PPC advertising, your ads are placed in sponsored ads sections of the Search engine results pages (SERPs). Your ads will be placed based on the relevancy of your business to the search terms.

  • When a customer needs a good or service, many times, they look to the internet to bring it to them or help them find it. They use search terms to help narrow down the billions of websites out there that are filled with endless information. They enter the terms in the search bar, and from there, the search engine uses an algorithm that ranks pages based on the terms they used. The most relevant pages go to the top with low-quality, reproduced pages being left out.

    The main goal is to lure people to click and convert those clicks to calls using unique and interesting content. Furthermore, we constantly evaluate your performance to ensure we aren’t overbidding on clicks and are staying within budget.

  • Why Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    Paying for clicks can strike a nerve with business owners; having to pay for website traffic. However, it has proven to be successful and helps generate sales. Right Click Digital understands limited budgets, which is why we don’t overbid for terms. Instead, we utilize heavy research and take advantage of relevant keywords that are used within your geographic location. Bidding on those terms help increase your SEO score. PPC ads can help your business in several ways including:

    • Bidding system for cost control
    • High-quality content gives you a leg up on the competition
    • Targeted campaigns allow you to spend where you want to
    • Keyword research helps us target the right keywords in the right markets
    • Avoiding overbidding helps us maximize your ROI
    • Competitive bids and practical strategy help keep your costs low
    • Compelling content will transform clicks into calls