• Capitalize on Local Opportunities with Listing Management

    Your main goal of being a local business owner is to attract local consumers, otherwise, what is the point? A factor that consumers use to determine on whether they wish to conduct business with you often depends on the distance your business is from their home. If you don’t have accurate and updated information, a consumer could be looking at your old business location and not realize you have either relocated, or expanded to service their area, too. Because of that, you lose out on a potential consumer. Our goal at Right Click Digital is to ensure that all your information on local listings are accurate and help boost presence with local consumers.

    Why Listing Management?

    Right Click Digital urges you to routinely Google yourself, just to give an idea of what information about your business is easily accessible, what isn’t, and what you would like to be. One of the best ways to be discovered by local consumers is with local listings. We browse the top local listings in your area, including Google and Bing, to verify that consumers are finding accurate information about your business, increasing your chances of connecting with new customers. The benefits of our listing management services are:

    • Provide accurate information to top local listings.
    • Review and update information, business hours, services, etc.
    • Request changes for incorrect listings.
    • Submit information to new listings.
  • Google & Bing Listings

    It is rather common for businesses to let their listings go unclaimed, which can lead to potential consumers being misinformed about your business and that is never good. Our solution to this potential problem is to claim the correct pages and request changes to any inaccurate information. Right Click Digital checks:

  • • Online Reviews
    • Hours

  • • Photos
    • Fax Number

  • • Phone Number
    • Address

  • • Websites URL
    • Etc.

  • Geo-Targeted Advertising

    Geo-targeted advertising techniques help local search engine users find you with ease. Research has shown that search users are prone to enter ‘keyword + city/state’ in their search query when looking for local services and products. We use this knowledge to our advantage and offer products that are designed to attract users that search for relevant keywords associated with your business.

    Ready to start putting expanding your local business’ identity within your community? Right Click Digital is a phone call away. Our proven methods and dedication to our customers is a guarantee to increase your online brand identity.