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For over 20 years, our goal has been to provide innovative and competitive marketing solutions for small businesses in Quincy, Illinois. At Right Click Digital, Inc. we provide a variety of digital marketing strategies to transform your business’s image while attracting a targeted customer base in your local area. With decades of experience, our team understands the challenges that many businesses are experiencing in the marketing industry. Using a variety of social media marketing, Facebook marketing, and search engine marketing techniques, you will have the opportunity to customize your web design to improve your online presence in Quincy, IL.

Since 1997, we have been providing expert digital marketing services to small businesses in Quincy, IL, and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking to rebrand your company, increase your online presence, and attract potential customers to your business, call us today and receive a FREE website analysis.

Website Design
Quincy Illinois

Having a modern website design is essential for improving your business’s online presence. When potential customers are searching for a product or service, a website is the first impression they have of your brand. Don’t let a poorly designed layout distract your customers from what matters – your business. At Right Click Digital, Inc. we build you a customized website and logo design that fully represents your brand in Quincy, IL.

Mobile Responsive Website Design Quincy Illinois

Having a responsive mobile design for your website is a must-have when it comes to marketing your business. A majority of consumers search for products and services through their mobile devices, meaning that only companies with a mobile-compatible website will be discovered. Don’t let your competitors outshine your local business, call Right Click Digital, Inc. in Quincy, IL, and let us design a user-friendly website that fits all mobile and desktop devices.

Website Custom Content
Quincy Illinois

On top of providing personalized and modern designs for your website, we create custom content for every page to accurately portray your business’ moto and high standards. Our team of experienced writers performs extensive research on your brand as well as your products and services to understand the ins and outs of what your business has to offer. All of our writers are trained on SEO, or search engine optimization marketing techniques that focus on using keywords to attract potential customers to your website.

Website Chat Quincy Illinois

It is no secret that customers are looking for services online at all times of the day. Unfortunately, many businesses are not open 24 hours, making it difficult for owners to reach potential customers that may have questions about your products and expertise. Thankfully, website chat technology has made it possible for businesses to help their customers when they are not readily available. Our team specializes in live chatting services for your website to help increase your customer base and improve your overall sales. Call today for more information on how we can provide our website chatting services for your business in Quincy, IL.

Website Mobile Marketing Quincy Illinois

At Right Click Digital, Inc. we specialize in mobile marketing services to allow local businesses to reach their mobile customer base. Choose from a variety of text, video, and image marketing campaigns to capture the attention of targeted smartphone users surrounding your business in Quincy, IL. Whether you’re looking to promote seasonal discounts or simply wanting to grow your customer base, we have the expertise to market your business through a mobile medium.

Search Engine Optimization Quincy Illinois

With over 20 years in the digital marketing business, we know how important it is to keep up with ever-changing marketing techniques to ensure that your business is high ranking on popular search engines like Google. For that reason, we specialize in search engine optimization marketing, otherwise referred to as SEO. SEO marketing is a careful process that uses keywords along with multiple pages on a website to improve the frequency of a business’s website traffic. Using an SEO strategy in the way we market local businesses in Quincy, IL, we make your website easily accessible for the computer and future customers to find and interact with your brand.

Social Media Marketing
Quincy Illinois

Currently, local and name-brand businesses use social media as a tool to reach their customers and promote their products and services. Right Click Digital, Inc. we understand the benefits of having a social media presence. 

In fact, we offer customized social media marketing services to create a personal connection with your customers and increase the awareness of your local business. Whether that includes creating and managing your Facebook or Instagram account or creating ads advertise a major weekend sale, we are here to help you along the way.

Facebook Marketing
Quincy Illinois

Even with the rise of multiple social media platforms over the last decade, there is no doubt that Facebook continues to hold one of the highest rankings in popularity for social media users around the world. When it comes to digital marketing, Facebook is the top social media platform that caters to local businesses aiming to reach their customers. Our targeted Facebook campaigns, videos, ads, and customized posts will allow you to interact with your customers while promoting specific services in the Quincy, IL area. For more information on how we can provide Facebook marketing services for your business, call our office today!

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City Facts for Quincy, Illinois

Quincy, Illinois, also known as Illinois’s “Gem City”, is the county seat of Adams County, IL and is located alongside the Mississippi river. Founded in 1825, Quincy quickly become a thriving transportation city. Dude to the close proximity the city has to large bodies of water and railroads linking to many nearby cities, Quincy was a popular spot for travels and city dwellers. Currently, the city has an estimated population of 77,200 as of 2015, a major increase from the totaled 40,633 residents that were counted in the 2010 census.

City of Quincy
Quincy City Hall

Quincy Chamber of Commerce

Adams County Government