• Control Your Brand’s Message with Online Reputation Management

    Have you Googled your business recently? It is important to routinely do so that way you have an idea about your online reputation. What is being said about you? Good or bad? Are you happy? That information is readily available for any local consumer to see and is considered a part of your online reputation. Right Click Digital can oversee your online reputation management and help control your online branding message. Don’t let one bad review ruin your business, because it can.

    Online Reputation Management Explained

    Online reputation management is exactly how it sounds – overseeing your business’ online reputation, what is being said about your business, reviews, etc. At Right Click Digital, we request the removal of any unfair reviews, ensure that your information listed on Google or Bing is correct, oversee your business directories, social media platforms, etc. Every online presence you have – we help manage them and ensure that your online reputation is in good standing.

    Managing Your Listings, Reviews & More

    Having a positive online reputation for your business is one of the key factors to expanding that business. If information is inaccurate or bad reviews are surfacing; consumers could conduct their business elsewhere. Right Click Digital works to ensure this doesn’t happen. How we can help:

    • Websites – We ensure that your website contains the most accurate information about your business, products and services offered, contact information, pricing and areas serviced. This is your centralized location for all your online traffic.
    • Business Directories – Yelp and Manta are business directories that provide key information for search engine users. However, sometimes information isn’t accurate or was never provided, leading to a website having control of your message. We research where you are listed, what you should be listed at and provide all relevant information to make that possible.
    • Listing Management – We search for every place that has your website listed and provide relevant information to ensure your listing is as accurate as possible.
    • Social Media Marketing – Social media is one of the more powerful tools to utilize in terms of your online brand and message, because you are in complete control of every post. Whether you want to provide answers for customer inquiries or promote special deals and ad campaigns, we help create the perfect social media campaigns tailored for your business.
    • Email & Text Marketing – Email and text message marketing is the best way to get in direct contact with your customers. Send special deals and promotional messages straight to your customer via text or email.
    • Online Reviews – Poor reviews are something all business owners are concerned about, especially given that you have no control over it. At Right Click Digital, to counter the negative reviews, we provide your website with several good reviews and praises towards your business. Additionally, if a bad review can be contested or removed, we take the steps to ensure it happens.