• Mobile Marketing for Springfield & Fairview Heights IL, Ushering Small Business into the Digital Age

  • As the digital age races forward, it’s impossible to ignore the rising popularity of smartphones, tablets and other devices that have supplanted the traditional desktop as the main source of search. That means that businesses and advertisers must adapt to the changing marketplace. With that in mind, Right Click Digital offers a range of mobile marketing services that help your business take advantage of the growing number of smartphone and tablet searchers. Call and ask one of our reps about your options for mobile marketing that targets your local area!

  • Mobile-Friendly Websites

    One way we help you reach mobile customers is with mobile-friendly websites. Imagine, waiting for a website to load on your smartphone, or even worse, a website that won’t load at all. Right Click Digital creates custom websites that are mobile-responsive for the best possible user experience and the best chance at converting clicks to calls. The benefits of mobile-friendly websites include:

  • SEO – All websites are optimized for keywords that help improve search rankings. Also, search engines love websites that are easy-to-use on mobile devices.
    Ease-of-Use – A mobile-friendly website improves the user experience with layouts tailored to a smartphone screen.
    Ease-of-Access – Another benefit of going mobile-friendly means customers can contact you with a simple tap of your finger. Call and Contact buttons mean your next sale is just a call away.
    Social Engagement – Social media links make it easy for potential customers to research you, share great work and even reward you with a custom testimonial.

  • Targeted Mobile Banner Ads

    Mobile banner ads are another way we help customers take advantage of the digital age. Target customers who are in close proximity to your business. Reach nearby mobile customers today by displaying mobile banner ads within a specific radius of your business – we start with 5-15 miles and expand based on your needs. Reach your audience as they search apps, read news, check the weather or play games on their mobile device.

    Our reps track and analyze your mobile banner ads to improve your marketing strategy and drive more customers to your website and your business. Your banner ads may display on hundreds of top apps and sites that allow you maximum visibility.

  • Text Message Marketing Programs

    Don’t you wish you could reach potential customers on their personal mobile devices? Well, you can with text message marketing programs that help you do a variety of things. Our reps help you build a list and send out short, informative texts that help achieve the following goals:

  • • Move Unsold or Expiring Inventory
    • Announce New Inventory/Products/Services
    • Drive Business on Slow Days
    • Send Important Information

  • • Promote Coupons, Deals & Special Events
    • Enhance Customer Communication
    • Fill Open Appointments