• Reach Mobile users with Mobile Marketing Products in Greenville, IL

  • Digital marketing is one of the most effective strategies for any local business owner in Greenville, IL. It provides a hub for local consumers to communicate with a business entity, provides updated and accurate information pertaining to your business and helps generate interest and promote awareness amongst the local community. Right Click Digital specializes in the most up to date marketing strategies to maximize your brand awareness via mobile marketing, mobile banner ads, text marketing programs and mobile-responsive websites.

  • Mobile-Responsive Websites

    When we create your customized website, we factor in mobile users too. If not, your organic traffic could be hindered. This is because of the various screen dimensions each one offers, whether it be a tablet, smart phone, laptop or desktop. Not factoring in different screen dimensions when building your website results in a poor user experience and could lead to them exiting your website. An easy way to prevent this from happening is enlisting Right Click Digital for your mobile-responsive websites that offer similar experiences no matter what device you are browsing on. Our mobile-friendly websites include:

    • SEO Optimization – the use of relevant keywords helps optimize your website for top search engine results.
    • Easy to Use – Our mobile-friendly websites ensure that the user has essentially the same experience no matter their search location.
    • Easy Access – Call buttons and easy-to-use features allows customers to get a hold of you with the push of a button!
    • Social Interaction – Social media links help customers find your profiles, follow your content and engage with your business!
  • Mobile Banner Ads

    Mobile banners are the most common form of mobile advertisements. They are short, concise messages displayed at the top of bottom of your screen that includes relevant content related to your business. Since banner advertisements have limited space to work with, they rely solely on brand recognition for success. Right Click Digital specializes in creating appealing banner ads to help boost your local brand awareness.

  • Text Marketing Programs

    Another mobile marketing service that we offer is text message marketing programs. This service helps you create a text list and send short, personalized messages to lists of customers that are interested in hearing about your business. Texting programs can be great for accomplishing the following business goals:

  • • Filling Open Appointments
    • Enhancing Customer Communication
    • Promote Coupons, Deals, and Special Events
    • Sending Important Information

  • • Driving Business on Slow Days
    • Announcing New Inventory/Products/Services
    • Moving Unsold or Expiring Inventory