• Increase Mobile Users Reach with Mobile Marketing in Decatur IL

  • Like it or not, the internet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it is becoming one of the most important tools in the marketing industry. Local business owners in Decatur, IL understand this and know that the team at Right Click Digital are the ideal team to help with your mobile marketing outreach. We are equipped with the tools and knowledge to accomplish the task of growing your brand identity via mobile marketing; using mobile responsive websites and marketing products. For example, we help create local ads that are displayed on apps and websites that are commonly used. If you want to get a jump start on your mobile marketing – contact our team of professionals! 

  • Mobile-Responsive Websites

    Just because your website is looking elegant and in pristine condition on a desktop computer doesn’t mean that translated to mobile users. And given that a large chunk of the population has smart phones and accesses websites on them – having mobile responsive websites are ideal. Like we said before, it takes about 10 seconds for a potential customer to determine if he will stay or leave your website. If things aren’t properly rendered in, texts are construed – you can’t blame them for leaving. However, you can be blamed for not taking the proper solutions to fix this! That starts with contacting Right Click Digital, who helps create a beautiful and simple user experience, regardless of the device they are on. Mobile-responsive websites are a huge factor in generating clicks to customers. Our mobile-responsive websites offer the following:

    • SEO Optimization – Relevant keywords help us optimize your site for the best possible search engine results.
    • Ease-Of-Use – The user experience will be the same regardless of devices being used: smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops.
  • Mobile Banner Advertising

    Mobile websites aren’t the only way to reach your mobile search engine users. Mobile banner advertisements target smart devices within a certain radius of your business, expanding as your business does. These can feature enticing images and content that show up as local searchers browse other apps and websites. We create these ads and monitor them closely, analyzing and tracking performance that way we can change what works and adapt to marketing strategies suited for your business.

  • Text Message Marketing Programs

    An alternative mobile marketing service that we offer is text message marketing programs. This service helps you create a text list and send short, personalized messages to lists of customers that are interested in hearing about your business. Texting programs can be great for accomplishing the following business goals:

  • • Filling Open Appointments
    • Enhancing Customer Communication
    • Promoting Coupons, Deals & Special Events
    • Sending Important Information

  • • Driving Business on Slow Days
    • Announcing New Inventory/Products/Services
    • Moving Unsold or Expiring Inventory