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Merritt Island, Florida Website Design & Online Marketing Solutions

Right Click Digital, Inc. offers a variety of digital marketing strategies for small businesses in Merritt Island, FL. Our professionals collaborate with customers to develop the best digital marketing design and content strategy to expand their consumer base while generating income. Our marketing team focuses on creating a large demographic to market customers from all over central Florida through a variety of digital tactics. Our site developers and content writers have extensive digital media experience and understand the challenges that many small businesses face when switching from in-person marketing to the internet. Invest in our website design, social media marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO, and search engine marketing strategies to boost your company’s online visibility.

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Custom Website Design
Merritt Island, FL

The design and feel of your website are critical to the success of your company. Sites that fail to load correctly, have excessive content, and no photos or videos often lose more prospective consumers than those with unique web designs. Our team at Right Click Digital, Inc. understands the value of a well-designed website, which is why we provide personalized website design services to all our Merritt Island, FL small business customers. We’ll meet with you to discuss your website’s concept, the pages you want to include, photos, color scheme, and minor things that may be added later. Set up a chat with our team now to get started on your unique website design.

Mobile First Website Design
Merritt Island, FL

Have you ever visited a website on your phone and found the text to be too tiny to read? Or it was impossible to scroll and find information? This is what happens when a local or commercial business does not have a responsive website design. Right Click Digital, Inc. focuses on mobile marketing and design services ensure that your website appears and functions as it would on a desktop. Our digital marketing professionals utilize WordPress to create a website that is mobile-friendly for your customers that use phones and tables to search for businesses. With our mobile-first website design, you can reach the great majority of your target audience. Below are a few advantages of mobile-optimized websites.

Mobile phone viewing Merritt Island business website on phone

Mobile First Website Design Benefits

You can reach the vast majority of your target audience with our mobile-first website design. Here are a few benefits of mobile-friendly websites.

  • Ensures Your Website Works on All Mobile Devices

  • Improves Your Customer's Experience

  • Easy Navigation for Visitors

  • Easy to Turn Mobile Responsive Sites onto Larger Devices

  • Simplifies the Info You Need to Get Across

  • Gives You Access to Billions of Mobile Users

different screen sizes dictating responsive website design for businesses in Merritt Island

Responsive Website Design
Merritt Island, FL

Responsive web designs are a new approach to digital marketing that focuses on a website’s design, accessibility, and function. Right Click Digital, Inc. creates, designs, and customizes responsive websites for small companies in Merritt Island, FL, using WordPress. You want your customers to be able to visit your website on any screen size, from mobile phones to desktop P.C.s, for the finest experience possible. When you collaborate with our digital marketing professionals, you can capture your audience’s attention with stunning designs, personalized images, and easy access to important information about your company. From the initial consultation to weekly or monthly revisions, we guarantee high-quality results and your complete satisfaction when investing in our responsive website design services.

WordPress Website Design
Merritt Island, FL

If you’ve researched the biggest names in digital marketing, you’ve undoubtedly come across WordPress as one of the greatest content management systems available. WordPress is a widely utilized program by industry specialists for superior marketing creations, hundreds of thousands of design templates, and endless content and marketing capabilities. Right Click Digital, Inc. specializes in website design, content generation, and mobile-responsive websites for all of our customers using WordPress. 

Images of screens showing a wordpress website in Merritt Island

WordPress Website Design Benefits

You can reach the vast majority of your target audience with our mobile-first website design. Here are a few benefits of mobile-friendly websites.

  • User-Friendly

  • Flexible & Adaptable for Changes

  • All Sites Are Mobile Responsive

  • WordPress Sites Rank High

  • WordPress Offers Community Support

  • Thousands of Theme Options

  • Unlimited Customization & Design

  • WordPress Will Grow Your Business

Why Choose Us?

So, what are the benefits of working with Right Click Digital, Inc.? While there are many good digital marketing businesses in Merritt Island, FL, our family-owned business consists of industry specialists with years of training and understanding in a variety of marketing sectors. We can help you discover marketing approaches to develop your business, whether you own a service company or a brick-and-mortar store with homemade products. With over two decades of expertise in digital marketing and web design, our clients become life-long customers as a result of our commitment, high-quality work, and cost-effective campaigns. Here are a few examples of why we are the ideal match for your company:

  • Over 23+ Years of Industry Experience

  • Skilled Team of Marketing & Design Experts

  • Real-Person Assistance With Your Website

  • Short Processing Time for Changes & Updates

  • Trusted Reputation With Hundreds of Clients

  • Multiple-Industry Experience & Knowledge

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City Facts for Merritt Island, FL

Merritt Island, FL is located approximately 50 miles east of Orlando, FL, and is known as one of the greatest places to live in Central East, FL. This peninsula is 62 miles long and includes three separate areas that tourists and locals can enjoy. The northern part of the island is home to a large wildlife refuge, pioneer homes, and cemeteries, while the “modern” sector includes homes, schools, roads, and infrastructures. The third area of the city includes a Kennedy Space Center that has influenced modern space exploration as well as the locals.

City of Merritt Island City Hall

Merritt Island Chamber of Commerce

Brevard County Government