• Listing Management Helps Improve Local Opportunity in Columbia IL

    If you are a local business, then your target market is local consumers and you need to have a way to effectively reach those consumers. Otherwise, your business may not be getting the sales it could be getting. An effective way to establish your business within your local community is via local listing management services that help spread local awareness about your business. It is important to keep your local listing information updated and accurate, otherwise customers may not know of your new location, business hours, etc. At Right Click Digital, we understand the importance of reaching local consumers. Therefore, we monitor your business’ information within your local listings and update any outdated information for you.

    Does Listing Management Work?

    Searching your business on the internet is an important job, because this is exactly what potential customers would see if they do the same. If you are happy with the information you found; great! But if some information is poor or outdated, it affects business. Below are some of the ways Right Click Digital can help your local business with local listing management services:    

    • Verify and submit accurate information to local online listings
    • Review and request changes to inaccurate information
    • Submit new information/changes for new listings
    • Request removal of incorrect or unfair reviews
  • Google & Bing Search Listings

    Letting your business listings go unclaimed is harmful regarding attracting new business. That allows for potential customers to be misinformed about your business and selecting a competitor. Right Click Digital will claim accurate pages and request changes to any inaccuracies we may find. We check:

  • • Online Reviews
    • Hours

  • • Photos
    • Fax Number

  • • Phone Number
    • Address

  • • Websites URL
    • Etc.

  • Geo-Targeted Advertising

    Geo-targeted advertising falls under one of our SEO practices that help boost your search engine rankings. Using geographically targeted marketing tactics, we can take advantage of our knowledge pertaining to how consumers search the web. For instance, many consumers go on the internet and search for a ‘keyword + city/state’ in hopes that a relevant solution is found. Understanding that practice already gives us the advantage. Because now, we generate content with those handful of keywords that are commonly used to help establish your website’s relevancy. If you are ready to get your website to the first page of Google, contact our team today!