• Use Email Marketing to Inform Your Customers in Fairview Heights & Springfield IL

  • How do you communicate with your customer base? What if your hours changed or you wanted to offer a special discount for one day only? At Right Click Digital, we can use email blasts and email marketing to reach your customers with pertinent information. Whether you’re offering a special discount or trying to provide important information, email marketing is a great way to reach customers with your message, raise your local awareness and ultimately boost that online presence!

  • What is email marketing?

    Email marketing is the use of email to accomplish marketing or advertising for your business. There are many ways you can go about this. However, the main goals of email marketing include:

    • Email blasts with a purpose of promoting customer loyalty with discount deals, news or other promotions.
    • Sending emails to potential customers that fit the demographics of someone that needs your business.
    • Emails that raise awareness about a new business or new service being offered.

  • What are the benefits of email marketing?

    While it’s not the newest form of technology, email still serves as an incredibly efficient way to send messages. That’s true in the marketing and advertising realm, as well. In fact, there are many benefits of a well-planned and targeted email marketing strategy such as:

    • Return on investment is quite high when done properly.
    • There is potential to reach large numbers of people in your local area.
    • At least half of all internet users check their email on a daily basis.
    • Email lists eliminate the problem of spam folders.
    • Allows you to be in direct contact with current and prospective customers.

  • Ready to start your email campaign?

    Contact Right Click Digital to speak with an experienced marketing representative and be in control of your message. We’ll help you develop your strategy and create attention-getting, call-to-action content that mobilizes your base of customers and helps increase your local awareness. While you’re reading this, your competitors are starting their own digital email campaigns – call now to start yours!