• Email Marketing Helps Reach Customers in Decatur IL

    If your business is about to undergo a huge sale, moves locations or offers a new service – how do you inform your customers? Local business owners will tell you that healthy customer relationships are critical to growing your business and ensure repeating customers. At Right Click Digital, we understand the importance of establishing relationships with local consumers, and email marketing is a low-cost, high-reward method of doing so. It provides a personal connection between a business entity and a consumer and with relevant and captive information – can lead to an increase in sales. If you are looking for a successful way to establish relationships and keep them informed on pertinent information that relates to your business – call the professionals at Right Click Digital.

    The Point of Email Marketing

    The most enticing feature about email marketing is its cost. Email marketing is an extremely affordable solution and the benefits can be unparalleled. With the right email marketing campaigns, you can help connect with customers about specific needs and information that customers in your market want. In order to receive these unique emails, you must ‘opt-in’ which helps eliminate the misclassifications of spam. Whoever sees your email blasts – wants to. Right Click Digital’s email marketing helps:

    • Boost customer loyalty with deals, coupons and promotional offers.
    • Target new customers who have recently visited your business.
    • Raise awareness about anything related to your business.

    Email Marketing Benefits

    In today’s digital age – you wouldn’t think that email marketing is as successful as it is. However, digital marketers like us, swear by it. This is a great, low-cost, high-reward method to help establish customer relationships. And as a local business owner, strong customer relationships are key. Some of the many benefits of email marketing include:

    • Proper campaign execution leads to higher ROI
    • New customers can be added to increase the power of your message
    • Most people check email accounts daily
    • Email lists eliminate the problem of spam folders
    • Stay in direct contact with local consumers
  • Email Blasts

    Is your local business ready to start building relationships with local consumers with email blasts? Contact your local professionals at Right Click Digital for professional help with crafting the perfect email marketing campaigns to help maximize your brand’s awareness.