• Reach Local People with Email Marketing in Greenville, IL

    Do you have a means of communicating with your customers outside of your business location? If you are a local business owner in Greenville, IL, consider email marketing; an effective way to inform local consumers about services provided and products offered. One of the factors in a successful business is establishing relationships with local consumers, email marketing does just that. Right Click Digital can create email marketing campaigns geared towards informing local consumers about information relevant to your business. Email blasts can help your customers receive the word about your latest sales, services offered, new business hours or location. If you want to get started on email marketing campaigns, contact Right Click Digital today.

    Why use email marketing?

    At Right Click Digital, we will work to develop email marketing campaigns that contain personally branded messages with content that your consumers want. This could be promotions coming up, sales events, black Friday deals, store hours, or other pertinent information that consumers want to know about. The way it works is customers opt-in to receive these emails which helps minimalize the fear of ‘annoying’ your customer about your business. Opting in ensures that people who receive your emails – want them. Right Click Digital’s email marketing campaigns help:

    • Increase customer loyalty with deals, discounts and other promotional opportunities.
    • Target new customers that have recently used your business or left reviews.
    • Raise local awareness about your business, services, company changes and much more.

    Email Marketing Benefits

    Although email isn’t the newest form of technology by any means, it is still proven to be an effective digital marketing solution. It is a low-cost high-reward solution that can be ideal for smaller business owners in Greenville, IL. Email marketing is great for generating local awareness at an affordable cost; essentially dispersing an appealing message to hundreds at virtually no cost. Some benefits of email marketing include:

    • Proper campaign execution leads to higher ROI
    • New customers can be added to increase the power of your message
    • Most people check email accounts daily
    • Email lists provide your message a way around spam folders
    • Provides easy, direct contact with loyal customers.
  • Start Blasting Emails!

    Is your local business in Greenville, IL ready to start sending email blasts? Contact our digital team at Right Click Digital for the expertise you need to ensure your email marketing campaigns are appealing, informative and geared towards generating awareness. We can help grow your email list and create appealing messages that resonate with your consumers.