• Reach Local People with Email Marketing in Edwardsville, IL

    Do customers have an easy way to stay informed about what’s going on at your business? In the Edwardsville, IL area, business owners understand that communication with customers is very important to establishing a relationship and building a recurring base of loyal clients. Right Click Digital understands this too, and we use email marketing services to help you reach scores of people in your local area. Customized, informative email blasts can give your customers the inside scoop on savings, deals, helpful tips and more. Contact our staff for more details about email marketing and how you can start growing your list!

    Why use email marketing?

    The biggest benefit of email marketing is that it’s an easy way to reach your customers directly without being pushy. We’ll help you create a message that’s personalized and relevant to the customers and markets you’re looking to reach. Also, customers must opt-in to your emails, which means you’ll never be spamming someone with a message they don’t want. By that same token, each message features an unsubscribe feature that gives everyone the option to stop receiving messages if they want. We may be able to use email marketing to do the following things:

    • Increase customer loyalty with deals, discounts and other promotional opportunities.
    • Target new customers that have recently used your business or left reviews.
    • Raise local awareness about your business, services, company changes and much more.
  • Email Marketing Benefits

    While email may not be the newest form of technology in the field of communication, it remains one of the most effective and non-threatening ways to reach people, especially if you’re a business owner. Because of this, our email marketing services are heavy on benefits and light on the drawbacks. Here are just a few of the ways that email marketing can be a benefit to your local business.

    • Proper campaign execution leads to higher ROI
    • New customers can be added to increase the power of your message
    • Most people check email accounts daily
    • Email lists provide your message a way around spam folders
    • Provides easy, direct contact with loyal customers.
  • Start Blasting Emails!

    Are you ready to start sending email blasts? Not so fast! Call our staff for a free evaluation of your online presence to find out what else we can do to help your business succeed in the competitive world of online marketing. Then, we’ll help you grow your email list and create a unique message that will resonate with your base of customers!