• Email Marketing Helps Reach Customers in Columbia IL

    In addition to having a customized website that acts as a central location for your business information, another important aspect of a successful business is establishing relationships with your customers. So, ask yourself, are you communicating with your customers outside of your store? If not, with the assistance from our team at Right Click Digital, you could get started. Despite the transcending digital age, email marketing has proven to be successful regardless. Emails blasts are ideal for informing interested customers about promotions, sales, new services, changed locations, etc. which helps establish communication. With years of experience under our belt, our team is more than capable of assisting you with email marketing campaigns that are designed to generate customer interest! Contact our team to get started.

    The Point of Email Marketing

    In addition to its track record, email marketing has been popular amongst local business owners due to its low-risk high-reward model. It allows for businesses to reach out to customers without being to invasive and help generate excitement amongst your intended audience. Every message we create is tailored to the specific needs and wants of your intended audience. Right Click Digital uses email marketing campaigns to help:

    • Boost customer loyalty with deals, coupons and promotional offers.
    • Target new customers who have recently visited your business.
    • Raise awareness about anything related to your business.

    Email Marketing Benefits

    Although the glamour of email tends to get lost with newer and more innovative technology, it still has proven success when it comes to reaching customers and letting your message be heard (or read in this case). A low-risk high-reward marketing solution that helps grow your brand. A misconception about email marketing is that consumers tend to write it off as ‘spam’. While this may be a possibility, that fact that customers must ‘opt-in’ to receive emails help limit this. Email marketing can help your business with:

    • Proper campaign execution leads to higher ROI
    • New customers can be added to increase the power of your message
    • Most people check email accounts daily
    • Email lists eliminate the problem of spam folders
    • Stay in direct contact with local consumers
  • Email Blasts

    If you think you are ready to start sending off email blasts – get started by contacting Right Click Digital for a free evaluation of your online brand identity. From there we will design solutions to help your business succeed in the competitive world of digital marketing and construct email marketing campaigns for your customers.