• Use Email Marketing to Reach Customers in Alton IL

    How do your customers stay informed about new products and services? Business owners in the Alton, IL area know it’s important to stay in communication with their loyal base of customers to ensure people keep coming back time and time again. But how can you reach individual consumers, many of whom you don’t know by name? With email marketing techniques, we can reach lists of people that are interested in you, helping them stay informed about any changes to your business hours, special deals, and more.

  • Why Email Marketing?

    Email marketing is an effective, non-threatening way to reach your customers. It allows you to inform recipients about special offers, new products or services, thereby helping to increase sales. With email marketing, you get to create the message that you share with customers who have signed up to receive your messages. Email marketing helps you achieve the following goals:

    • Promote customer loyalty with discounts, new or promotional information.
    • Reach customers that fit the business demographic.
    • Raise awareness about a new product or service being offered.
  • Benefits

    Email is not the most recent form of technology to hit the marketing arena; however, it still proves one of the most effective ways to communicate. With that in mind, the benefits of email marketing services far outweigh the drawbacks. Here are just a few of the benefits of email marketing:

    • Return on investment can be high when done properly.
    • Potential to reach scores of new customers.
    • The majority of people check their email at least once per day.
    • Email lists help get your business around the spam folder.
    • Keeps you in direct contact with loyal customers.
  • Send Your First Email Blast

    Are you ready to start your email marketing campaign? Contact the team at Right Click Digital to help get you started. We’ll learn about you and your business and create attention-grabbing copy that makes customers interested in hearing from you. Use email to increase local awareness about your business and take advantage of your online presence!