• Premier Choice for Web Design & Development in O’Fallon IL

    If you were to Google your business or anything related to your business – would you show up on the first page? As a local business owner, this should be a primary goal in today’s digital world. Landing on the first page of the search engines results page (SERPs) is vital to drawing in more business. After all, how many of us click the second page of Google? (Hint: Not Many). At Right Click Digital, we specialize in creating an intricate website design and web development process, to better your chances of landing on that first page. For more information on our web design services in O’Fallon, IL call us today, and we can start building up your business’ brand.

    Customized Websites Built & Designed for You

    If you want to maximize your business’ brand – it starts with a website. In most cases, potential customers utilize search engines to help them discover local services they are needing; this is the time to attract potential customers and grow your brand. The good news is, Right Click Digital helps with the process, we specialize in the creation of custom websites that tell your story and boast of your reputation and services. The key is unique content and creative web design. A combination of videos, photos, graphics, coupons, blogs and other exclusive content really help your business stand out from the rest. Our process is tried and proven, just ask our clients! Right Click Digital’s website creation process:

    • Meeting & Consultation – The first step involves having one of our marketing representatives meet with you to discuss your business goals, history, and any information pertinent that you wish to include on your customized website.
    • Processing – After that, our creative team will take your information and begin the process of your website design.
    • Content Creation – Our content team takes the provided information and forms stories and other content to help tell the story of your business and attract customers.
    • Website Builders – For the final step, our website builders take the unique content that was created and begin inputting it into your customized web layout. We send a proof for you to verify and if you like it, we take the website live!
  • Mobile-Friendly Website

    Research shows that most search engine users are browsing via mobile device like smart phones and tablets. Given that desktop computers and mobile devices don’t share the same screen specs, websites on a mobile phone tend to be distorted and can appear out whack. A distorted website can be the difference between attracting a new customer or scaring one off. At Right Click Digital, we make it our goal that this doesn’t happen. Our team specializes in building websites for desktops and mobile-responsive to help provide a similar experience whether you are using a phone, laptop or tablet.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    The two most important features of any website’s success are content and search engine optimization (SEO). The former is ideal because that is what determines whether a user is going to stay on your website or leave. The more vibrant and unique – the likelier they are to stay. However, visual appeal doesn’t really land you on the front page of the SERP, that is the purpose of SEO. SEO is a term used in the digital marketing world, that essentially means the use of keywords and backend coding to create relevant content. The more relevant, the better your SEO score. At Right Click Digital, our SEO focus pertains to:

    • Keywords – Utilizing trusted SEO companies and tools, we build your website using several keywords pertaining to your business to increase your chances of being seen online.
    • Title Tags – This is how the search engine indexes your site and the text that customers see when discovering you on the search engine results page (SERP).
    • Meta Description – Shot verbiage with keywords that also show up on the SERP and gives potential customers a brief explanation of the webpage’s content.
    • Alt Tags – These are used for screen readers, which help those with visual and audible disabilities to use the internet and find your website.
    • Content – The best results come from the best content using the best keywords. We write relevant content utilizing these methods to guarantee an increase on your search rankings.