• Website Design & Development Agency serving Greenville, IL

    Outside of the physical location of your business – do you have a means of communicating with your consumers? As a local business owner, a website is ideal for communicating your message to locals about your services and products offered. In today’s digital world – a business’ success and their online brand has a correlation. A website is a central hub for all vital information about your business and helps increase your brand awareness. At Right Click Digital, we have a digital team that can build customized websites that display your greatest achievements and superior skills. Our website design and development is ideal for small business owners in Greenville, IL.

    Customizable Websites

    The goal behind every website is to generate web traffic. The greater the traffic; the better it is for your business. In order to increase web traffic, your website needs to consist of relevant and appealing content including videos, photos, graphics, coupons, services, etc. We have a proven process that our digital team executes flawlessly. Research shows that someone surfing the web decides within 10 seconds whether they will stay on the webpage. That is how long you have to make an impact, otherwise, you could lose that potential customer to your competitor. Our team at Right Click Digital has extensive experience creating custom websites that are designed to increase your web traffic. The process includes:

    • Meeting & Consultation – Our marketing reps meet with you to discuss your business and goals, and they collect any information that we need to get started.
    • Processing – Next, our creative team will receive your information and begin the process of designing your custom website.
    • Content Creation – After the information is processed, our content team creates a story for your business that will assist customers, attract new business and help you close the sale.
    • Website Builders – Finally, our website builders take all your information and the content we’ve created to build your website.
  • Mobile-Responsive Websites

    Search engine users transitioned from primarily using desktop computers to smartphones and other mobile devices. Phone screens, laptops, tablets and desktops all have different screen sizes; if your website isn’t properly calibrated to account for this – it could result in an unpleasant user experience. A bad experience such as distorted images, pictures and graphics not loading can all lead to closing out of your website. This is something that all website builders need to be aware of. Luckily for you, our team at Right Click Digital has experience building mobile-responsive websites to provide a similar experience no matter what device they are using.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    There are two factors when it comes to developing a successful website – great content which helps ensure the user stays on your website and search engine optimization which helps users see your website. The primary role of SEO is to land you on the first page of an SERP (search engine results page). A business whose website is on the 10th page severely decreased their odds of web traffic. SEO isn’t just one thing; it is a collection of things working together within your website to maximize your SEO and increase your odds of getting on the first page of Google. Being on the first page means more local consumers can become aware of your business and as a result, can lead to more profit. With years of experience in the digital realm, we understand and utilize the right techniques to help boost your SEO rank. This includes building your website utilizing:

    • Keywords – We use keyword research from top SEO companies that help give your website the best chance at getting seen.
    • Title Tags – The title tag is what we see on the search engine results page (SERP).
    • Alt Tags – Alt Tags are what screen readers use to help people with disabilities to use the internet and computers.
    • Content – With better keywords and better content, you get better results and performance for your website!