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At Right Click Digital, Inc., we’ve been working consistently for over two decades to provide a variety of digital marketing strategies to our customers and their small businesses. To meet every customer’s specific needs, we ensure that our exceptional advertising services are always innovative and affordable, guaranteeing quality results at a fair price. Let our team of expert writers and web designers customize your content and create a professional website that is informative, easy to navigate, and visually appealing to your customers. We will help broaden your company’s brand by focusing on a specified target demographic. We have extensive experience with digital media to help you with the transition to an online presence. If you’re interested in boosting your company’s success, call our office today to get started. You’ll be glad you invested in our web design, social media marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO, and search engine marketing techniques for your new website.

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Custom Website Design
Cocoa FL

The first step to improving a company’s online presence is the development of a custom website design. When your customers are searching online for your line of goods and services, you want your website to be the first result they see, so it needs to be informative, as well as visually appealing and easy to navigate. We can help direct your customers to the most important aspects of your business and make it easy for them to contact you with their questions and, hopefully, their business. If your current website could use some work, rely on Right Click Digital, Inc. to create a truly unique and personalized website that will help your small business grow. Our experienced staff knows the most effective template designs for small businesses of all backgrounds, so we can work with you to design the best logos and layouts and make sure all your vital information is presented in the most professional way. Contact our office today and let us represent your business in Cocoa, FL.

Mobile First Website Design
Cocoa FL

Since most people these days do their internet searches from their phones, it is an incredibly important component for any company to have a website design that is mobile-friendly. Our experts at Right Click Digital, Inc. can help you there and make it easy for your potential customers to navigate your new website, whether on their phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. If your company has a website that allows accessibility on a variety of devices, you will spread your influence online and drastically increase your pool of customers, guaranteeing you more business. Our experienced web designers can create user-friendly, visually appealing, mobile-responsive websites that effectively represent your company and relate to the market you’re targeting. Call today to learn more.


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Mobile First Website Design Benefits

You can reach the vast majority of your target audience with our mobile-first website design. Here are a few benefits of mobile-friendly websites.

  • Ensures Your Website Works on All Mobile Devices

  • Improves Your Customer's Experience

  • Easy Navigation for Visitors

  • Easy to Turn Mobile Responsive Sites onto Larger Devices

  • Simplifies the Info You Need to Get Across

  • Gives You Access to Billions of Mobile Users

Comparing a mobile designed website to desktop in Cocoa Florida

Responsive Website Design
Cocoa FL

At Right Click Digital Inc., our team of experts utilizes responsive website designs as a modern approach to digital marketing. This method focuses on the accessibility, design, and function of a website to ensure it is as effective as possible to draw in new customers. We use a system called WordPress to create and customize websites for small businesses in Cocoa, FL. Even if you have an established website, it is practical and necessary to make sure it is accessible to customers on whatever screen they’re using. From small screens like cell phones to large screens like desktop computers, you want your site to accommodate your viewers and guarantee them the best experience possible to gain their interest and earn their business. If you hire our digital marketing professionals, we’ll grab your audience’s attention through convenience, organization, and beautiful images and designs. We want you to be completely satisfied with your results, so we welcome your feedback.

WordPress Website Design
Cocoa FL

One of the best content management systems available today is WordPress, a top name in the digital marketing industry. WordPress is a popular software used by experts in the industry for top-quality marketing results, so we recommend it highly to our own customers. If you choose Right Click Digital Inc. to design your website, we will utilize the WordPress system and take advantage of all benefits it offers, including access to hundreds of thousands of design options and unlimited content. With all the marketing capabilities available to us through this software, we guarantee we’ll find the perfect design for your website.


Computer showing wordpress website design in Cocoa Florida

WordPress Website Design Benefits

You can reach the vast majority of your target audience with our mobile-first website design. Here are a few benefits of mobile-friendly websites.

  • User-Friendly

  • Flexible & Adaptable for Changes

  • All Sites Are Mobile Responsive

  • WordPress Sites Rank High

  • WordPress Offers Community Support

  • Thousands of Theme Options

  • Unlimited Customization & Design

  • WordPress Will Grow Your Business

Why Choose Us?

Right Click Digital Inc. is a successful company that has been in the business of helping other companies grow their business since 1997. In that time, we are proud to have managed over 530 websites, over 190 Facebook campaigns, and over 160 mobile marketing campaigns. We are continuing to grow and we’re dedicated to doing the same for your business. Trust us to design your website and take advantage of all we have to offer.

  • Over 23+ Years of Industry Experience

  • Skilled Team of Marketing & Design Experts

  • Real-Person Assistance With Your Website

  • Short Processing Time for Changes & Updates

  • Trusted Reputation With Hundreds of Clients

  • Multiple-Industry Experience & Knowledge

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City Facts for Cocoa, FL

The city of Cocoa in Florida was founded around 1860 and was initially settled by fishermen. It suffered fairly extensive damage in 1890 due to a fire that destroyed the entire business district. However, the people were resilient and sought to keep moving forward with developing the city. A great boost came with the creation of a railway network. Like any city, Cocoa suffered setbacks and celebrated gains throughout the years. After the Great Depression ended in 1929, Cocoa became and has remained a very strong city with a population of 18,053 people. The favorite spots of recreation are the Indian River and nearby beaches for fishing and swimming. The Cocoa Village hosts special events like parties and fundraisers throughout the year.

City of Cocoa City Hall

Cocoa Chamber of Commerce

Brevard County Government