4 Items That Should Be on Your Website Redesign Checklist

Black and white image with blue text that says redesign to represent website redesign services in Decatur, IL.

Your business has been serving your local area for years, but you’re looking to create a new image that stands out from your competitors, so what do you do? Redesign your current website, of course! Right Click Digital, Inc. in Decatur, IL specializes in website design, branding, and logo creation to give your small business […]

How to Grow Your Business with a New Web Design

A wooden desk with a desktop computer, laptop, and smartphone open to a responsive web design from a digital marketing company in Champaign, IL.

Getting your small business online is essential to its success and growth. You may be wondering,  where do I even begin? At Right Click Digital, Inc. in Champaign, IL we believe that every successful business starts with a quality website design. Keep reading our blog to learn about how you can successfully grow your business […]

How Much Content Is Enough for My Website?

A person in a red shirt sitting at a table in Effingham, IL, and creating custom website content on a large notebook.

While some business owners think that putting paragraphs of information on their website is beneficial for customers, in all reality, a website is meant to be a quick summation of services, company history and experience, and contact information to generate sales. Unfortunately, the wrong type of content on a website can be detrimental to a […]