Which Colors Should I Use for My Website and Why?

Web designers surrounding a wooden table surrounded by color design papers for a small business in Cocoa, FL.

Custom website designs are our specialty at Right Click Digital, Inc. We work with businesses of all sizes to create everything from eye-catching logos to stunning graphic designs that highlight your products and services. One of your design’s first aspects is choosing your web design’s primary color. There are hundreds of shades of colors to […]

10 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

A young businessman in Melbourne, FL, sitting at a desk with a computer, looking frustrated with his hand on his forehead and holding up a sign that reads "help.”

When it comes to your website, you want it to be as professional and functional as possible, so it allows your business to grow. The quality of your website will determine your future success, so if you’re having difficulty attracting customers, consider the following reasons why your website could be driving them away. You don’t […]

What’s Wrong with Using Design Templates?

Website design template and interface elements projected on a screen in Titusville, FL.

The blueprint for success for any business comes down to its website. It is essential to have a professional, well-organized website that is informative and easy to navigate. Those qualities will attract potential customers and help your business grow. As your business expands, your website must grow and develop. Unfortunately, website design templates cannot do […]

What is Responsive Design, and Why Does My Site Need it?

A digital design drawing of a responsive web design with a desktop computer, smartphone, and other electronic devices in Rockledge, FL.

The digital marketing industry is constantly growing, which means there are new terms and guidelines that agencies need to follow to help their customers better. Responsive website design has been a term floating around for over a decade and is just as important now as it was when mobile devices were becoming popular. At Right […]

What’s the Big Deal About Mobile-First?

A person holding a white smartphone in Cape Canaveral, FL, with a mobile-first image on the front of the screen for digital marketing.

If you’re following the digital marketing industry, you have probably heard the term mobile-first in many different conversations. It’s all any of us can talk about – and for a good reason! The number of individuals on a mobile device is growing, so the market for your small business is undoubtedly growing. With easier access […]

Why Do I Need a Website Designer?

A web designer working on a responsive website design for a small business in Merritt Island, FL, using online strategies and techniques.

At Right Click Digital, Inc., we provide expert digital marketing and design services for small businesses in Merritt Island, FL, and the surrounding areas. Contact our team to learn more about our website design services if you own a brand or service business. We help clients determine their marketing and design needs to increase their […]

Understanding the Importance of a Responsive Website Design

A digital marketing setup with a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, and smartphone to test for a responsive website design in Effingham, IL.

While it may seem that having just any old website is good enough to get you on the map, that’s not always the case. Mobile devices are the most common platforms for searching for small businesses and services in a client’s local area. If your website is not designed to fit mobile devices, then you […]

4 Items That Should Be on Your Website Redesign Checklist

Black and white image with blue text that says redesign to represent website redesign services in Decatur, IL.

Your business has been serving your local area for years, but you’re looking to create a new image that stands out from your competitors, so what do you do? Redesign your current website, of course! Right Click Digital, Inc. in Decatur, IL specializes in website design, branding, and logo creation to give your small business […]

How to Help Our Web Designers in Your Website Project

Two web designers looking as written out design plans for a custom website build in Normal, IL.

So, you’ve just invested in a brand-new website for your small business – how exciting! You may be wondering, what next? How can I help? At Right Click Digital, Inc. our team is here to show how you can help in every part of the design process! From planning out your website to letting our […]

Best Web Design Practices in 2021

A professional digital marketing web designer drawing a web template for a new client’s small business website in Quincy, IL.

Website design and web development practices are growing in 2021 and your small business needs to hop on the bandwagon before it’s too late! Right Click Digital, Inc., in Quincy, IL specializes in modern digital marketing services and website design to ensure your small business is getting the attention it deserves. Keep reading to learn […]