Understanding the Importance of a Responsive Website Design

A digital marketing setup with a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, and smartphone to test for a responsive website design in Effingham, IL.

While it may seem that having just any old website is good enough to get you on the map, that’s not always the case. Mobile devices are the most common platforms for searching for small businesses and services in a client’s local area. If your website is not designed to fit mobile devices, then you […]

4 Items That Should Be on Your Website Redesign Checklist

Black and white image with blue text that says redesign to represent website redesign services in Decatur, IL.

Your business has been serving your local area for years, but you’re looking to create a new image that stands out from your competitors, so what do you do? Redesign your current website, of course! Right Click Digital, Inc. in Decatur, IL specializes in website design, branding, and logo creation to give your small business […]

How to Help Our Web Designers in Your Website Project

Two web designers looking as written out design plans for a custom website build in Normal, IL.

So, you’ve just invested in a brand-new website for your small business – how exciting! You may be wondering, what next? How can I help? At Right Click Digital, Inc. our team is here to show how you can help in every part of the design process! From planning out your website to letting our […]

Best Web Design Practices in 2021

A professional digital marketing web designer drawing a web template for a new client’s small business website in Quincy, IL.

Website design and web development practices are growing in 2021 and your small business needs to hop on the bandwagon before it’s too late! Right Click Digital, Inc., in Quincy, IL specializes in modern digital marketing services and website design to ensure your small business is getting the attention it deserves. Keep reading to learn […]

How to Grow Your Business with a New Web Design

A wooden desk with a desktop computer, laptop, and smartphone open to a responsive web design from a digital marketing company in Champaign, IL.

Getting your small business online is essential to its success and growth. You may be wondering,  where do I even begin? At Right Click Digital, Inc. in Champaign, IL we believe that every successful business starts with a quality website design. Keep reading our blog to learn about how you can successfully grow your business […]

Why External Links Are Essential for Your Custom Website

An individual in a dark blue short sleeve shirt holding a black phone and sitting at a black table with a laptop creating external links for a custom website.

When it comes to having a custom website, many steps need to be taken to ensure that your business ranks as well as possible on search engines like Google. From digital design and content creation to the colors and organization of your pages, everything affects your visibility and how likely customers are to check out […]

Key Design Approaches We Take When Creating Your Website

Small people sitting on a computer showing a website for a small business in Central IL.

A website is the most essential part of your business. It represents your brand and a majority of your sales will come from people who checked out your website. When you choose Right Click Digital Inc. to create your website, you can expect our team to use their skills to provide you with a website […]

I Just Invested in A Website, What Now?

What now text on a typewriter for small businesses looking for digital marketing services in central Illinois

“What Now?” That might be what you are asking yourself after you have invested in a custom website for your small business. You are probably wondering what else you can do to help your business flourish. Well, there are a ton of ways to help market your business along with a great website. It is […]

Why A Responsive Web Design Is Important for Your Brand

Cartoon people standing next to a large computer screen looking at a responsive web design for a small business for central Illinois

When creating a website for your business it is important to keep everyone in mind. Today there are multiple ways to search for the latest sale at your favorite store, read your favorite blog, look up local businesses, or research that one strange fact you just need to know more about. Now, people have access […]

Will A Live Chat Benefit My Website?

Man in a long sleeve shirt using a smartphone to connect to a live chat on a business website for answers on a product in central Illinois.

If you are having issues with your business’ conversion rate, or you are looking for reliable digital marketing services to benefit your customers, Right Click Digital, Inc. in central Illinois is here to offer live chat services as a perfect solution. With over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, we know what […]