How to Market Your Online-Only Business

A small business owner in O'Fallon, IL managing their online-only business with help from digital marketing services like video marketing and social media marketing.

In today’s age, having an online-only business can be just as, if not more, successful than a brick-or-mortar establishment. It’s no secret that individuals love shopping through a screen from the comfort of their homes, so it’s essential to market your products with help from a digital marketing agency like Right Click Digital, Inc. We […]

Benefits of Putting Your Business on Social Media Platforms

Three small business owners on smart devices putting their company on social media platforms like Facebook in Nashville, IL.

Did you know that over 90% of small businesses are currently on social media? From this 90%, almost every small business owner claimed that their company had increased exposure to their local audience and increased sales. In 2022, social media marketing will be more popular than ever, so what are you waiting for? Get your […]

How Small Agencies Go Big with Social Media Marketing

A close-up image of a person from a small agency helping a small business with social media marketing services through a phone with icons coming off the screen in Lincoln, IL.

Social media marketing is no stranger to small businesses throughout Lincoln, IL. From local restaurants to hand-crafted items that every homeowner would love, there is a place for every business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. At Right Click Digital, Inc., we help small agencies go big with reliable and affordable […]

How to Maximize Your Facebook Business Profile

A person sitting at a desk with a laptop and smartphone in Normal, IL. A digitized image of a Facebook Business profile with custom content.

Having a business profile on Facebook is a great way to maximize your reachability to local clients, but how exactly do you gain a following? At Right Click Digital, Inc. in Normal, IL, we specialize in digital marketing and social media services for small businesses, including posting and creating profiles on Facebook. Our team has […]

5 Tips for Helping You Increase Organic Traffic

A digitized image on a search engine results page with 4 figures looking at the search on a large computer stand in O’Fallon, IL.

Generating organic traffic for your business can be difficult, especially when you are just starting out as a small business. Thankfully, our team at Right Click Digital, Inc. is here to help you find ways to get customers excited about your products and services. From blogs to posting frequently on social media, with 25 years […]

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

A digitized image of pink and blue hands holding smartphones and small heart icons for followers and likes appearing in the background in Belleville, IL.

Instagram is by far one of the fastest-growing and continuously popular apps for individuals of all age groups, ethnicities, and backgrounds. If you’re trying to get your small business noticed on a platform like Instagram, it’s essential to find the proper techniques and tools to get you noticed by a large audience. Keep reading below […]

4 Ways to Introduce Your Business to A Larger Audience Through SEO

A digitized image of seven individuals sitting around a large computer screen with a search engine tab opened for researching businesses in Troy, IL through SEO keywords.

Reaching a large audience on search engines like Google is the number one goal for many small businesses in Troy, IL, and the surrounding areas, however, getting started is more challenging than one may think. Without proper knowledge of SEO and digital marketing trends, you could miss an opportunity to create the perfect marketing campaign […]

How to Create the Perfect Ad for Your Business

Ad campaign text on a notebook page with colored pencils, graphs, and digitized text in Bloomington IL.

Advertising is undoubtedly one of the best ways to reach your local audience as a small business. While many business owners gravitate towards word-of-mouth marketing and quality reviews on Google, creating compelling social media ads that stand out can make a difference in the success of your business. At Right Click Digital, Inc. we help […]

The Benefits of Interactive Content on Facebook & Instagram

Interactive Content Poll asking a yes or no question on a small business’s social media account with the help of a digital marketing company in Central IL

Having interactive social media content such as posts, stories, or links can provide excellent benefits to your business. When you have interactive content such as polls, quizzes, Q&As, games, and more on your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, people are more likely to interact with your business and potentially become valuable customers. It […]

The Power of Hashtags on Your Social Media Account

People sitting on a hashtag checking hashtags on a small business’s social media located in Central IL.

Are you looking to find a way to increase your presence on social media? If you use social media as a way to market your small business in Central Illinois then hashtags can greatly benefit your social media presence. Over the years the hashtag has become a way to connect people within the community and […]