I Just Invested in A Website, What Now?

What now text on a typewriter for small businesses looking for digital marketing services in central Illinois

“What Now?” That might be what you are asking yourself after you have invested in a custom website for your small business. You are probably wondering what else you can do to help your business flourish. Well, there are a ton of ways to help market your business along with a great website. It is […]

Why A Responsive Web Design Is Important for Your Brand

Cartoon people standing next to a large computer screen looking at a responsive web design for a small business for central Illinois

When creating a website for your business it is important to keep everyone in mind. Today there are multiple ways to search for the latest sale at your favorite store, read your favorite blog, look up local businesses, or research that one strange fact you just need to know more about. Now, people have access […]

Tips for Improving Your Facebook Marketing Skills

Large blue Facebook like button with three figures holding smartphones and liking images from small businesses on Facebook with a thumbs-up icon to represent Facebook and social media marketing.

So, you’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon and create a social media page for your business in central Illinois. That’s a wise choice! Regardless of what industry you are in, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms out there with millions of potential customers at your feet, now all you need […]

Why Reputation Management Services Are Essential for Your Business

Reputation management image with a phone, email, magnifying glass, clock, and other icons representing online reviews and business digital marketing in central Illinois.

Did you know that a majority of people who look for a product or service on search engines and social media trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? With the spread of information being faster than ever, reviews have become an essential part of choosing a business to invest in, that’s why Right Click […]

Will A Live Chat Benefit My Website?

Man in a long sleeve shirt using a smartphone to connect to a live chat on a business website for answers on a product in central Illinois.

If you are having issues with your business’ conversion rate, or you are looking for reliable digital marketing services to benefit your customers, Right Click Digital, Inc. in central Illinois is here to offer live chat services as a perfect solution. With over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, we know what […]

The Importance of Quality Content on Your Website

While the design and layout of your website are essential to how well is it reciprocated by potential customers, the content on the pages matters just as much. Believe it or not, there is a science to digital content writing that is meant to both inform and increase rankings to help your small business become […]

Are ALT Tags on Images Really That Important?

In 2018, Google launched a new and improved campaign highlighting the changes made to its image search interface. These changes allowed for Google users to search for an image using specific and accurate keywords, forever changing the way we look at SEO and ALT tags. So to answer lightly yes, ALT tags really are important! […]

Should My Business Be on Instagram? 

Person holding out an unlocked cell phone with a social media network image hovering above the screen

So, you have a Facebook page for your business, but you’re wondering if Instagram will help boost your brand awareness and sales? The short answer is – absolutely! Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world and continues to grow every single year. While Facebook is the grandfather of business […]

Why Video Marketing Is the Most Important Marketing Trend In 2020

Hands making a square around a video marketing icon of a video playing

It is no secret that videos have become one of the most important forms of communication for businesses in 2020. With COVID-19 forcing both customers and business owners to stay at home as much as possible, videos have been the one way to keep in touch and stay relevant in such an ever-changing economy. Video […]

Why Custom Marketing Is Beneficial For Your Business

If you own a small or local business, you know firsthand that choosing the right marketing techniques are essential to the growth of your brand. One of the most beneficial digital marketing techniques is having a completely personalized and unique image to attract potential customers. There are many ways that a business can personalize their […]