Why us

Our talented and creative team delivers businesses amazing results.

We have passion for everything we do backed up by more than 23 years of experience delivering high-end, digital solutions.

Justin Norton

Chief Executive Officer

Mobile: (618) 420-7994
Email: justin@rightclickdigital.net

Denise Norton

Co-Owner & Treasurer

Sarah Scheller

Central Illinois District Sales Manager

Rachel Kessler

Senior Digital Account Manager

Kimberly Bennett

Social Media Marketing Manager

Alyssa Timmer

Content Marketing Manager

Brigitte Wiegert

Digital and Social Media Content Writer

Serena Schafer

Digital Content Writer

Kristen Bennett

Multimedia Designer

Megan Wiegert

Web Designer

Erik Manley

Director-Marketing & Design

Olivia Norton

Support Specialist

Max Bumgardner

National Sales Representative

Effective marketing strategy isn’t just a one-person job.

It takes an entire team of dedicated marketing professionals to take your information and vault it to the top of the search ranking results.

Circa 1997.

We have been at this for more than 23 years, and we’ve only just begun.

When I started out in sales in 1997, the heart of our company was born within a small, independent Yellow Pages Company owned and operated by family. In the late 90s, the internet was very new; we just retired our beepers and bought our first cellular phones, eager to merge our print marketing business with new and evolving technologies. At that time, there was only one direct way to find a business, especially if you did not know who you were looking for – the phone book.

Delivered to every home and business, it was the “silent salesperson” for every small business that participated. We were thriving in an industry that started in 1878 and thought that it would last forever, until we started hearing more and more from our clients about the Internet and website creation in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. In the beginning, it was entertaining to think that marketing could venture into a medium that barely involved human interaction, and most small businesses thought that the internet was a passing fad. Then something started happening. Our tracked Yellow Pages call counts started dropping and loyal customers started cutting back their ads or cancelling all together. When our Yellow Pages competitors started to sell our customers websites, we knew if we did not get on board, that train was going to leave the station without us.

Once our company transitioned to digital marketing sales, we started with simple one-page landing site for our customers. As the web evolved, so did we. We grew into a full-service digital marketing company handling everything from websites, social media, and reputation management, to PPC, graphic design, and mobile marketing. As a company, we handled more than 2500 digital campaigns and became one of the largest local digital companies in central Illinois.

After over 23 years in the business, we have built a digital portfolio that we are very proud of. Whether it is a one-page website for a gift shop or a large digital campaign for a plumbing company, we approach all our work with the same energy and passion. We strive to deliver the best value for our services, while understanding our customer’s wants and needs for their local businesses.

We are excited about the future, and maybe we will get a chance to do something with you. We would love to help…